Ringfit Adventure eekkk.

Hello peeps, how are you all?, I hope your having a good weekend.

Yesterday I ordered the Nintendo switch ring fit adventure, I thought it was about time I updated from the Wii fit, and boy I’m going to enjoy it.

I quite enjoy playing platform games so this one is right up my street.

I had a little play this morning to get a hang of the moves etc boy this is gonna be a workout, but at least it will be a fun one.

Eekkk lol

I also choose today to be my eating day, the one where I have what I want, but I definitely haven’t missed junk food, my tummy doesn’t like it and I feel very sluggish, which is a great sign, I haven’t even broke my fasting over the the festive period, I’ve not missed food during those hours and I am very proud of myself, I just wish I’d tried fasting sooner as it has certainly helped me so far.

So folks that’s all for now, I have Die Hard on the TV, a bit of Bruce Willis does us all good ha ha, although I think the jury will always be out on weather is a Christmas film or not, me personally I can watch the die hard films anytime.

Enjoy the rest of your day/evening, and stay safe and keep smiling. Xoxoxo.

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