Feeling positive/Day 2 of Ringfit Adventures.

Hi everyone how are you all?

I for one will be glad when all the party/junk food is out of the house as usual I brought extra just in case… whatever just in case is!!!.

I must say I am proud that I have not over indulged as I usually would and that I have managed to keep my fasting going ( I know iv already said it upteen times), I haven’t said to myself that no I can’t have it, I have just in moderation.

Today I did day 2 of the ringfit adventure ( at the moment I don’t think I will be able to do consecutive days due to the fatigue and pain, I’m really feeling it in my lower back and knee) and yep it’s definitely getting more difficult as I go through the levels, but I do believe that is what is suppose to happen haha.

Oh and guess what i think iv found muscles in my waist, it’s been that long since iv felt them but as the day is getting on yup there definitely deep inside me somewhere, they ache… haha..

I may only be doing a few minutes at a time but I hope I can work back up to a decent amount of time when my body allows me to.

I will always be fighting my body and it will never get any easier, but I will never give up, I may fall down but I will get back up and start again.

Overall Im feeling rather positive today so I shall embrace it while I can.

Iv ordered just dance 2021 to just add a bit of fun to my exercise, then im sat in bed on youtube last night and thinking, ok Iv got this, which quickly turns into Oh dear this is going to be fun, yup fun of me ending up in a heap on the floor haha..

When we take all the decorations down next week and I get back into serious! eating i will begin to do my what I eat in a day posts again, maybe not every day as im still fighting this latest flare, although it’s getting easier im still not over it yet, and im dying to get back to the docs to see what my weight is, I wasn’t allowed in last week for my BP check due to me having a bit of a cold which is understandable, but im sure I haven’t done to much damage over the festive period.

So folks I am off to find something for tea and a very lazy night in front of the TV before an early night.

Enjoy the rest of your day and take care, stay safe and keep smiling. xoxoxo

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