31/12/2020. Let me in the bed…

Good morning everyone.

Its the end of the year already!!! it has flown by, and I hope next year is better for everyone and we will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Today I awoke to being in Tier 4, which is technically a full lockdown for my area, to be honest it isn’t really bothering me as I rarely go out anyway, the downside is my daughter can not legally work and she is not entitled to any government help as her business hasn’t been up and running for a while, I have no idea when the next review is, so anyone in the UK know? they have been fortnightly but im sure I heard at the beginning of the month the next update wouldn’t be till the end of January??.

Last night was fun…Sophie cat decided that she was sleeping on my side of the bed, it was 2.30am and she wasn’t moving, twice I put her at the bottom of the bed and before I could even get both legs into the bed she was back on my side lol, the 3rd time I scooped her up and she flopped her head and put her legs out straight, the cheeky monkey decided to play dead, I was laughing so much I’m not sure how I didn’t wake everyone up hahaha, I managed to get in the bed and lay down and she promptly jumped right between myself and Neil outstretched it was rather funny, it’s hard to explain lol..

Today I will post lots of New Year posts so that I hopefully catch someone from around the world at the different times.

I’m off now to cook the rest of the junk/party food, there isn’t really that much there, so we are just going to nibble throughout the day, I will have my last full roast dinner tomorrow then on Saturday it is back to weighing and counting calories.

My shopping has just arrived and there was no water, pork or chicken is everyone panic buying again, so this means that I now need to travel to the local supermarket to see if there is any meat in stock there!!!.

Have a lovely day and il chat soon, take care, stay warm, stay safe xoxoxo

image from google.

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