A goodish but mentally exhausting long day 4/01/21

Good evening everyone around the world, I hope you are all as well as can be.

It’s been a rather long day, firstly plans to get up and do a work out were thwarted, I had transferred some funds from one account into another within the same bank, but they were not showing up, my cards were being declined at the atms and in the shops and online with a lot of messaging back and forth to the bank, it was sort of sorted out, I’m still missing some money but need to wait a few days until all my pending transactions have cleared to see if the money reappears, if not back to the beginning, this took up quite a few hours of my time with quite a bit of stress which is not good for my BP, so I didn’t get to work out I was too exhausted, so decided to catch up on some TV, maybe watching Causality was not a good choice, I was a blubbering wreck by the end of it, it really brought home to me what the medical staff are going through, I know its just a TV program but im sure a lot of research went into that episode, and my heart was just breaking.

Speaking of Covid we have just gone into a full lockdown again for at least 6 weeks, I’m just shocked that it has taken this long, I will not say anything else on the matter.

On the good news side, I finished my 4th continuous week of fasting and I am mighty proud of myself, and to the fact that I have not cheated once is a miracle lol, I have just moved up to the next level this evening and will see how it goes, so now im fasting 9pm till Noon the following day.

I had planned on doing a step by step recipe for you today but that went out of the window, so my daughter helped me to do a Tik Tok video, it’s not great but it’s a start haha, you can find the video here and the recipe on my previous post here.

I never got to do my workout or go for a bath to soak my what would have been aching muscles lol, but there’s still tomorrow, im totally exhausted now to do anything, it was supposed to be a relaxing evening haha, Id planned on doing some more crochet on a blanket iv started ( only 1 of so many lol), I’ve got as far as row 28 only another 200+ rows to go!!! it may be finished for christmas 2030 if im lucky..

Any way peeps im off for a wash and to get my night clothes on chill in bed for a little before sleep, not sure if to find something on Netflix or read or if im lucky pass out as soon as my head hits the pillow lol.

Please take care everyone, stay safe, stay well and remember to always smile xoxoxo

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