Weight loss, BP, Workout, Diary 06/01/21, Trump!!

Good evening everyone, I hope you have all had a good day or those whose day is beginning you go on to have a wonderful day.

I’m a little bit late this evening, as probably many of you have also been glued to your televisions watching what is happening in DC, I can honestly say if I was an American I would be embarrassed to be an American, in my personal… opinion I think Vice President Mike Pence needs to set the 25th Amendment into motion, my heart goes out to all of you who are truly upset by these horrendous scenes and having to live like this, I am in no way religious but feel that I must say to you God Bless America and her people xx

I had another good night’s sleep last night, it is definitely needed, I awoke to a missed call from my doctors surgery, so rang back to be told I will be contacted back and to keep my phone line clear, ok so now alarm bells ring, I wait till lunchtime and still no call, ok so it’s not that important, it will just be for a check on my BP as I was a bit off colour christmas week so couldn’t attend.

I decided to do another workout, get nice and hot and sweaty ( not a pretty site ) lol, and yep just at that point of collapsing the phone rings typical lol, and yep it was to just pop down to the surgery for a BP check.

I have only ever driven once in the snow many many years ago and I never did it again, I came outside in my wheelchair and the ground just looked damp, that was until I turned the corner and had to keep my 4 wheels from sliding about, and jeez it was cold and the paths and roads were glistening and crunchy it was the perfect winter scene, just what I had waited to see for so long, even if it was a bit hairy out there.

Blood Pressure

I was started on a 3rd BP tablet as my BP was so high, they call high BP the silent killer but luckily I always know when its high and to take action, as I did last month with refusing not to take no for an answer and making sure I was seen, well today there was that look on the nurses face as she went to get another nurse, yep my BP has come down but now its come down way to much!!! Iv gone from one end of the scale to the bloody other.

So I now have to stop the new tablet and take my BP daily to watch what is going on, under normal ( non covid ) circumstances I would have to attend daily, but was asked if I could buy a BP machine to do it daily so I didn’t have to keep going in, luckily I had noticed Lidl had them in last week and at only £20 it’s nothing to pay for my health, so if I go to far up or to far down I can ring them, otherwise I’ll get another phone call in a fortnight, life is so fun at times lol..

Weight Loss!!!

I was rather surprised to find out that I have actually lost weight over christmas, I was down 2kg/4lbs, I thought that I would have just stayed the same or even put on a lb or 2 so the trip to the docs was a good one in that aspect lol.


Iv no pictures of tonight’s tea, as I just threw it together when we eventually got home tonight, I made the same roast baby spuds as we had last night, then dry fried some diced pork then threw in the usual mushrooms and onions with the juice of a lemon and orange, a dash of wine and a bit of low fat soft cheese to thicken the liquid, it was rather yummy.

For lunch I had the same as what I had for supper last night which is on my previous blog, I have had a couple of shortbread fingers that were left over from christmas and for supper I had a small slice of christmas cake and a few king prawns, Iv no intention of going out tomorrow so hopefully I’ll feel well enough to spend some time in the kitchen.

All in all I’d say it’s been a pretty good day, please look after yourselves, take care, stay safe and keep smiling, Good night everyone xoxoxo

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