Food Diary 12/01/21. Keep out of my personal space… Please….

Good evening everyone around the big wide world.

Im feeling rather jolly this evening, iv no idea why because im also exhausted, again another night of minimum sleep this time because my bladder is playing football or so it seems, and it has been scoring goals for the past 24hrs very often, infact way to often, I don’t really mind if they don’t score a single goal tonight, ifact I would be rather happy about it…..

I headed out to the supermarket today it was good to see that it actually had food on its shelves and I was able to stock up on my mushrooms, although I only brought 1 large pack they didn’t look to great and were starting to turn brown.

On a sad note people are still not adhering to space, to much leaning over me to reach the top shelf, for goodness sake I have motorised wheels I can be out of your way in no time, standing next to me, please people follow the guidelines for space and stay out of my personal space please..

On exiting the store I noticed an elderly gentleman in front of me not wearing his mask correctly it was under his nose, so I thought i might politely tell him that he needed it to cover his nose, but he stopped dead in front of me, and pulled the mask down and spat onto the ground!, I just thought how disgusting, until he very quickly ripped the mask from his face while he took in very large breaths of air, this poor gentleman very obviously has breathing problems and these are made worse by wearing a mask, so I had the utmost respect for him for doing what has been asked of us to wear a mask although he struggled with it, and I think the reason he spat was possibly due to getting salvia in his mouth with it possibly being dry ( he did stand on the spit instantly) as I for one have a dry mouth while wearing a mask, so if this guy can do it so can everyone else….

No exercise today as I was shattered when we got home from the shops, so I had my lunch then attempted to go to bed for an hour or so, after 30 mins I got up after going to the loo twice as they are still scoring goals and my feet decided they were staying as ice blocks they didn’t want to get warm today at all.

Food: For Lunch I had a trout salad with honey and mustard dressing on the salad leaves and for Tea/Dinner I had a jacket potato with prawn mayo that I mixed myself using light mayonnaise and a little ketchup, instead of butter I mashed into the potato some light philadelphia soft cheese, which was just as creamy as the butter, although there was a pang of longing from me when I saw Neil put lashings of butter and salt onto his jacket, but hey it will look better on his hips than mine…..

Snack wise today i’ve had 2 mini chocolate shaped penguins leftover from christmas, there are no more… A packet of mini gingerbread men which are only 88 cals a packet, 2 cups of highlights hot chocolate and 2 rice cakes, I still have 400 calories left in my deficit so I will have a little something in about half hour for my last supper before my fasting alarm goes off.

All in all another quiet day, I think I will be in bed very soon as I am starting to feel tired now, I just hope I don’t wake up when I get in it lol.

Please enjoy the rest of your day, stay safe and well and Il chat soon goodnight everyone xoxoxo

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