Apologies your comments were in my spam folder!!

Good evening everyone, I hope that you are all as well as can be?.


Sorry, but some comments have ended up in my spam folder, I really need to start looking at the spam folder and clearing it out more often as well as checking it, its something I don’t really do, but it took me quite a while last night and tonight, everyone that has commented I have now approved them so fingers crossed you don’t end up there again, and goodness isn’t there a load of trash!!! So once again my apologies I was not ignoring you.. sorry…

Brr it’s been a cold day here, I was hoping to pop to the supermarket but the ice was still about this afternoon, and you can guarantee that my wheelchair would have slid all the way down the hills ( the joy of living high up), and I would either have crashed into something or someone..ooppss…I have had to do an online order, as it is supposed to rain tomorrow, so that keeps me in as well, the only problem is that the only time slot available was for 6-8am!!! yikes its an early morning.

I long for the day when I can just go out and walk wherever I want without any problems, the day will not come but I can still dream, no one can take your dreams away from you..

It’s been a good day, Iv done a workout (in my previous post), slouched on the bed well I deserved it lol catching up on a couple of programs, and deciding what to make for Tea/Dinner, I finally decided on a fruity pork stir fry, the pics are not very good, infact the food looks burnt in them but it wasn’t, it was much lower in calories than I thought though, for Lunch and snacks today I’ve had watermelon, rice cakes, satsumas and coconut yogurts, oh and a hot chocolate, the only problem is that im way under my calorie deficit, I don’t mind being a little under but not a lot, lets just hope its a blip for today, I know sometimes when im in pain, despite my size I dont really eat a lot.

Diced pork, Pineapple, Leeks, Green Beans, Mushrooms (of course), Wok Noodles all mixed into my sticky sauce made from Wholegrain Mustard, Ketchup, Soy Sauce and Honey. 464 Calories

I can’t wait to get back outside and bring you some more interesting posts, at the moment there just full of workouts and food at the moment, soon we can have something to laugh about again..

Well I guess I had better get ready for bed, I just set my alarm to wake me up for the ungodly hour of food delivery, and it said alarm set for 8 hrs and 29 mins from now…whattttt…I had better start the climb up the 2 wooden hills to my bedroom and find something to watch in bed.. I shall check in with you in morning if I wake up lol..

Goodnight please enjoy the rest of your day, stay safe and take care xoxoxoxo

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