Sunday 12/01/21. Good workout, Fun evening.

Good evening peeps.

How are you all?

All in all I have a really good day, I thoroughly enjoyed my workout this morning, I was wanting to continue but after many of years I have realised I really cant push my body, its just not worth the stress and agony that comes with it.

While having my massage last night, I actually felt my bones in my sides, so even though I haven’t done much exercising it is surly beginning to show, even Neil said its a while since he felt my bones haha, so they are there inside me lol.

After my workout I popped a turkey crown in the oven, prepped the veggies, did some housework and had a shower, as I have Sundays off I enjoyed a nice roast dinner, and for supper tonight I had a treat of biscuits and cheese.

Now usually I can eat a whole packet of crackers!!! yep a whole one to myself with lashings of butter and loads of different cheeses, tonight I replaced the butter with low fat philadelphia soft cheese, I had a couple of thin slices of smoked cheese and a couple of thin slices of wensleydale with apricots, and I struggled to eat 5 crackers!!, im amazed just how quick your stomach shrinks, it wasn’t that long ago when I could actually eat so much and still want more, and in just a few weeks im like wow im actually full…

After dinner I decided to go for a nap, but quickly gave up on that idea, it just wasn’t to be, so down I came and Olivia and I decided to play mario bros together, it’s always a laugh as somehow instead of working together we alway end up killing each other off, landing on our characters heads and bouncing up and down or pushing each other off the end of the cliff lol, all in all its always good fun.

When Neil awoke from his nap we had a few rounds of mario kart together, we each won a session so there were no sore losers lol, but think i need to practice on that one though haha.

It’s been a good day, Im proud of the workout out I did, Im proud that I managed to fit into a pair of pj bottoms Neil got me for christmas, although still a tad uncomfortable it won’t be long before I can get my tush in them comfortably.

Below are my workout stats for today and I didnt take a pic of my dinner as im sure you all know what a roast dinner looks like.

So my wonderful people I will bid you all a good night, enjoy the rest of your day, stay safe and take care everyone xoxoxo

image from google

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