A good day, Workout, Food, Tattoos, TikTok, Youtube.

Good evening everyone, hope this finds you all well?.

I’ve been trying to write this post for the past hour, but im being met with excited yells from the sofa next to me, Olivia has posted a video on TikTok of her giving her dad a tattoo and its taken off more than her beauty videos have as I write this the video currently has 22.8k views and 1750 likes, so im sure you can imagine how loud the shrieks are lol. (update as I’m about to press publish 53.4k views and 5533 likes!)

If you would like to see the video the link can be found here This is a pic of olivia and of the 1st of many tattoos im sure she will be giving her dad, during lockdown, the 1st lockdown she learnt to do acrylic nails, if we have a 3rd im not sure what she going to learn to do on Neil ha ha.

Today was rather a late start for me, I didn’t get to do a workout till about 3.15pm and I was starting to get rather tired, the workout wasn’t too bad I was able to do it in peace while Neil was getting his tattoo, maybe today was not the right day to knock it up a notch, Il bring it back down tomorrow, I learnt a couple of new exercises and luckily they can be done sitting down, i can’t remember the last time my inner thighs got a workout lol.

Food has not been to bad today, I had a ham salad sandwiches at lunchtime and for Tea/Dinner I had a jacket potato with chicken, mushrooms and pineapple.

Then Olivia ordered a chinese and I pinched a couple of spoonfuls of rice and a banana fritter but im still within my deficit so im not going to get grumpy over that.

Not the best looking meal but it tasted lovely.

Snacks: I just had to check my app and the only thing iv had is a highlights hot chocolate, so I guess i’ll call the rice and banana fritter a snack, though not healthy so don’t copy me please, I wrote that as I need to be honest about what im filling my mouth with.

I follow another blog called Therapy Bits with Carol Anne, who has many obstacles but she gets through it with grace, she has just launched a Youtube channel and you can find the link here, Her is her page im sure she would love some support, https://wordpress.com/read/blogs/101000435

I shall bid you all a goodnight until tomorrow, I can’t think with the howls of a happy child and a shocked father lol.

Enjoy the rest of your day, stay safe, keep well and above all keep smiling xoxoxo

image from google

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