Waiting for Covid results, My fear.

Good evening everyone, I hope this finds you all well.

It’s been a rather tense couple of days, I began to feel unwell tuesday night, probably too much exercise to soon, then wednesday I felt rather lethargic and slept on and off most of the day, by evening I had lost all taste and smell so panic began to set in, so I logged onto the test and trace app to be greeted with the following image, which to say put the fear into me was an understatement, my fears have been catching covid, with my underlying health issues im worried i may not recover from it, so i immediately booked us 3 tests which arrived rather quick on thursday morning.

By thursday night my taste and smell had returned a little bit, so I put that down to a good sign as I read with covid these senses can take a while to return, although for some reason coke and coffee still taste vile.

The results arrived back this afternoon, and are all negative, I felt the relief leave me instantly and then I promptly fell asleep for a few hours, upon waking I felt much better, so just a bit of a cold, Im guessing the bug Neil and Olivia had on christmas day had just caught up with me.

I think the fear kept me feeling worse than I already was, and how scary it is that fear can keep us in its own world and terrorise us, but for now I get to fight another day and think of all those people who have covid and the fear that they are going through.

And I am amazed at just how quick the tests were delivered and results received I feel ready proud of how the UK is handling this very scary time right now.

Please keep safe, stay well stay warm and above all please smile and dig deep to find that bit of happiness that you have. xoxoxo

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