What happens in our house while im working out!!!…lol…

Good evening everyone, oh hello you, newcomer, welcome.

This morning I paused for a second to look around the living room, Olivia is on one sofa in a deep trance watching and laughing at Tiktok videos on her phone, I glanced behind me to see Neil on the other sofa also in a deep trance watching and laughing at Tiktok videos on his phone.

Oh and me, what was I doing? oh yes, I was pounding on the spot trying to not look too much like a red faced, sweat pouring, squealing, (there were plenty of squeals and squeaks and goodness knows what other sounds, coming from my mouth) blob, while trying also to listen to the morning news.

They were oblivious to the loud squeals and huffing and puffing and a little bit of cursing emitting from my mouth as I pushed and pulled the ring con which by this point half way through I was glad that I have big boobs so I could support the ring con and my arms on them, or there was no way I was going to finish that level.

But what did I learn from the actions of Olivia and Neil this morning? 🤔 That I have to workout more, it is the only peace that I get from them 2 not acting as toddlers all day ha ha. 🤣

Rather than play the adventure game on the ringfit, I decided to customize my own workout, (which does not add to your level up score) boy it was hard, for me anyway, but I completed it, it was just under 40 mins long, but as I get a bit more stronger I will be able to complete it in less time and then add a bit more to it, and I am feeling rather proud of myself for not giving in.

By this time it is almost 1.30pm, we had a rather late start this morning, due to my having a roughish night, so a couple of coffees first, Note to self: not to much coffee before work out = a few trip s to the loo…,

After a wash and fresh pj’s on, seriously I dont think iv ever owned so many pairs of pj’s, it was time for a late lunch.

I had for lunch what is becoming my usual, 4 slices of milk roll, low fat philadelphia soft cheese, sliced cucumber a slice of ham and dare I say it a slice of turkey!, with a cup of highlights hot chocolate, im beginning to cool down rather a lot now.

I then prepped tonights Tea/Dinner, now what can I have that’s quick and easy, of course seafood and mushrooms, due to it being a late start today I had extra calories to play with so decided to crumble some feta cheese over it, and I just wanted to cry, due to my illness I go on and off food and today it was the feta, and I had crumbled it all over my food!!! it was just like eating s**k, I picked out as much as I could and put it onto Neils plate, but tomorrow I may actually love feta again and not be able to get enough of it, it is so weird, I’ve only gone off mushrooms once for about a week and that was terrifying lol.

I’ll pop the recipe to the sauce down below it is really easy and quick to make, it’s a mix between a saganaki and stifado sauce.

For the sauce: ( serves 1 )in a saucepan add

  • 200gr Chopped Tomatoes
  • 30gr ouzo
  • 1 Bay leaf
  • A couple of cloves
  • A small piece of a cinnamon stick
  • Garlic Granules
  • Mixed herbs

Bring to the boil and reduce, remove bay leaf and cinnamon stick.

Cook 50g of tagliatelle as per instructions

Using frylight or no oil in a frying pan cook sliced mushrooms and onions, add the seafood mix you are using, I chose King prawns, Shrimp, Muscles and Squid rings, add the cooked pasta and mix in the sauce, serve and crumble on feta cheese and enjoy.

Although its early I am going to bid you all a good night, I’m going to soak my new found muscles in the bath 🤣, and snuggle down with either a film or one of the many books I keep meaning to read.

Thank you for reading if you have got this far please hit the ✨like button and don’t forget to hit the➡ follow button to keep up with my antics.

Take care, stay safe and above all keep smiling till next time night night xoxoxo

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