Good Morning Tuesday, or is it Monday? 26/01/21

Good morning everyone, how are you all?

It’s a rather cool and dull day here, more rain is due, so good job I have no plans to go out, even though I would like to.

I’ve had a good 5 hours sleep which was much needed, and only got up because the dreaded dry cough has arrived, you know the one that lingers after you have had a cold, so i think it will be a hot water, lemon and honey day, and me resisting trying not to put my fingers down my throat and itch it..

GMB this morning have had me totally flummoxed, across the ticker it was saying, today it is Monday 26th January, wasn’t it Monday yesterday? it certainly had me thinking, then at about 6.20am it had changed to its Tuesday 26th January, so is it Monday or Tuesday today? a really simple thing would have been to just check my calendar but no that was to easy for me haha, Il blame it on still being slightly tired lol .

Over the past week I have noticed that the resident seagulls have begun nesting, this is rather earlier for them, as nesting usually does not begin till early May, maybe spring is going to arrive earlier than normal this year, if I remember didn’t we have a nice warm early spring last year?, I can remember we had some really hot days but unsure of which months they were.

I am now off to do a workout I think I will stick to the custom routines that I set yesterday and work on those, I have set exercises that work all parts of my body, it was a bit trial and error but I’m sure I have come up with an overall good plan.

Please have a terrific tuesday and I will check in with you all later, take care, keep safe and try to have the best day that you possibly can xoxoxo

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