A tiring but productive day. 01/02/21

Hello everyone, Kalo Mina, welcome to the new month and the beginning of a brand new week.

Today has got off to a really good start, I actually managed to get back to sleep this morning, and awoke just after 9am which is pretty good for me.

I split my workout into 2 sections, as I began to feel a little light headed it was past noon and I hadn’t eaten yet, so I worked just under 30 mins on the adventure game and had a rest and some lunch, then after a further rest i did the same time on a custom course.

The big mistake I made was having a bath afterwards instead of a shower, although a shower tires me out, a bath is exhausting, it was really difficult to get out of the bath and get onto the bed where I had to sit in my towel for a while to rest, to summon up enough energy to get dressed, those days of a long soak in the bath leaving you feeling clean and refreshed are totally gone.

I will see how I am in the morning as to whether I do another workout or rest for a couple of days, but one thing is sure im feeling it tonight lol.

Tea tonight was my usual scallops and prawns in a white wine mushroom sauce and baby roast pots, it’s so easy and quick to do, just 20-30 mins from beginning to end, but I made sure I had help tonight and that the chair was very nearby lol.

I’m back sorry, about that, I just popped to the kitchen to make my sandwich for my last supper, im having light philadelphia and cucumber on nimble bread and a couple of slices of chicken left from yesterday, oh and I made a hot chocolate as its gone so cold brrr, I just can’t warm up.

I was so excited to demold the coasters today, and although im happy with the way they have turned out, Im gutted to see that they are all scratched, the molds had scratches on them and I hadn’t noticed in the 1st set I made as they were darker colours, but not to worry, its just means il pay closer attention next time.

Sports bras, they have been my bain, Iv ordered and tried on 6 so far and not one of them supports me at all, I fear the only option left is to duct tape them down, but knowing my luck they’d still bounce out of it, I’ll keep trying and keep returning and if non work i’ll go for my last option lol.

I’ve always wanted a fancy tiered cake stand but never had one, so I ordered some molds to make my own and they arrived this evening but I’ll practice a bit more until I make them, I couldn’t decide between roundish and square so I just ordered both, I also brought a love mold and iv a family one coming but didn’t realise the latter was coming from china, so il have to wait a bit for that one, I just need to think of some designs, something no one has done before, while searching the net there does seem to be quite a theme so this one is going to take a while.

I think it is going to be another lazy evening, and pop upstairs to watch tv in bed again, not sure if its been a good idea or not putting a tv in the bedroom, on the plus side though it keeps me away from the kitchen, as im not walking back down two floors to the kitchen lol, and also once I get under the fluffy duvet im not getting out of it again ha ha.

Please enjoy the rest of your day, the best you can, chat soon, take care and keep smiling xoxoxo

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