Weight Loss. R.I.P. Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Good evening world, how are you all?

Boy im shattered, yesterday tired me out, so I only did a small workout which I found quite difficult, I only did 24 mins and 1 second, now then, that 1 second counts haha, I really had to force myself into it, and consequently Iv spent the rest of the day on the sofa, and im shattered, oh I mentioned that in my opening line, see im shattered…. just in case you didn’t see that the first time I wrote it lol.

On a positive note im down 9kg/19.8lbs since 2nd January 2021 so im pretty proud of that, just hope I can keep it up, I know that the weight loss will slow down, but im happy about it, slow and steady, I already know that we are having a take away next week for my daughters birthday, normally we go out, but as we cant at the moment we will probably order to much food…

Food: For lunch I had a bowl of chicken soup and some bread with light philly on, I can’t say the soup was very nice, i will stick to making my own.

For Tea/Dinner I made chicken again! it is my go to food when im too tired to put in the effort, to change up the flavour a bit I added a spoonful of mango chutney in to my sauce but I definitely could have added more to change the flavour, il remember that for next time, and instead of mixing in the mushrooms I fried up a large pan of them in butter fry light with lots of garlic, mixed herbs and salt and pepper and added them to the plate first and then poured over the chicken and pineapple mix, served with baby roast potatoes they are ready in about 15-20 mins, either blast them in the microwave for 10 mins or boil them and then spray with your favourite fry light and season them well and chuck them into an air fryer on high heat for 5 mins then turn them and cook for a further 5 mins, so quick and easy.

For snacks I have had some rice pudding, it really didn’t like me very much, and for supper I had my usual cucumber sandwiches and a cup of high lights hot chocolate, then neil came in with a very thin slice of christmas cake and butter!! I really can’t believe we still have christmas cake! where is it coming from?, its lasting a lifetime lol.

My prayer was answered when I opened the curtains this morning there was a very light dusting of snow on the rooftops and the cars, but that was it, I was hoping for quite a bit more haha, I guess there is still time yet this year.

On a sad note Captain Sir Tom Moore passed away today, he will be remembered as a remarkable hero, unfortunately funerals are so small at the moment, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the streets of his home town are lined with people saying there final goodbye to amazing man.

R.I.P. Captain Sir Thom Moore. Sleep well angel 💙💙💙

It’s now rather late, well for me anyway, the rain is bucketing it down, the winds are high, and I can hear my bed calling me, so I shall bid you all a goodnight, please stay safe, keep warm and keep well night night xoxoxo

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