A nice weekend.A Brilliant Weight Loss 07/02/21

Hello to everyone in this big wide world, it is rather chilly here in the UK, and some lucky people have been blessed with snow again! Me oh I counted about 4 flakes falling into the back garden there could have been more but I blinked, that’ll teach me not to blink in the future….

I’m ecstatic to have now lost 10kg / 22lbs since 2nd January which is quite a feat, im guessing now though it will slow down to a couple of lbs a week.

How has your weekend been? mine hasn’t been to bad, I did a small workout yesterday, except my left bicep was extremely painful, so I could only use the ring con with my right hand, I took my BP in the morning and for some reason the machine had a big wobble, after it had inflated twice it tried to do it a 3rd time but the pain was unreal, panicking I didn’t think to just disconnect the tube immediately I was to busy squealing, so I didn’t have an accurate reading but I did have a bruised and extremely painful arm, I haven’t been able to bring myself to take a reading today.

We also had an indian takeaway as an early birthday meal, I’d forgotten just how much I love cream and coconut, im not a spicy person so a simple korma and pasanda for me is just perfect, it will be a while before we have another one so i made the best of it.

Today has been rather good, I had a really good workout, even knocked it up a level, I’m leaving it on this level 9 though until I find it to easy now, the exercises changed quite a bit, but I did rather good and built up a real sweat lol, I was so proud and can’t wait to get back to them.

We have to be up early as new meters are being fitted tomorrow we are changing over to the smart meters, Im wondering if I will be using less gas and electric only time will tell.

For lunch today I made a turkey (yes again) and bacon salad, with a zero calorie garlic sauce, the sauce was not very nice it had quite a fake bitter after taste to it, Il not be buying it again, im going to try it in a stir fry or something mixed with other herbs see if I can make it more palatable.

This evening i finished off the last couple of poppadoms and onions and some rice pudding, iv had a small cheese sandwich and a packet of rice cakes, I think i may be slightly over my deficit but im not to worried as i’ve been quite under this past week, due to being off colour and not eating much, but i think my energy is back on track.

I’m going to wish you all a wonderful and goodnight, snuggle into bed and watch NCIS Los Angeles before I have to be up at silly o’clock, please enjoy the rest of you Sunday and have a wonderful week, take care and keep smiling xoxoxo

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  1. Wow. Losing 22lb since January, that’s very good. Well done you πŸ‘ Hope you had a nice Christmas/new year. 😊


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