Fights, Covid, Death, Rant, but overall not a bad week. 13/02/21

Good morning everyone, I hope this finds you all as well as can be.

Do you have any plans for the weekend? are you thinking of trying something new out?.

I want to begin with the sad news of my neighbour, who passed away on thursday night, he did have underlying health issues, and was not covid positive when he went into hospital a fortnight ago, he passed at home with his wife, I managed to see him through the window and now he is at peace.

My sadness quickly turned to anger a couple of hours later when my neighbours on the other side of me and across the road decided to have a fight outside our house, it is the 1st time I have called the police on them, I usually just let them get on with it, but not tonight, I told them how disrespectful they were being, but that fell on deaf ears, although it sounds bad I really wish they had done damage to each other, there were knives involved, but as usual they got away with it, by saying it wasn’t them, it was a group of teenagers who had been fighting and had run off they were just watching, REALLY…

Where I live in the town it is or was rather quiet, my left and opposite there are flats that are for the over 55’s, these were emptied over the course of the previous 2 years and we have seen many comings and goings, I think they are using them as halfway houses we have a lot of drug dealers and prison releases, the majority of them are really nice people who are polite and helpful but there is always a couple of bad apples who are intent on ruining it for everyone else.

Ok rant over.

On a positive note i’ve only done 2 workouts this week, but they have been good and iv worked really hard since knocking it up a level, im really starting to get a good sweat and certainly feeling it, while im able to it im going to and make the most of feeling okish.

Food has been pretty good this week, we have a steak and jacket potatoes, a chicken casserole and last night chicken korma, that’s all I can think off, and sending meals next door, I need to still make the korma a bit more calorie friendly yet while keeping the taste, iv also had my usual of turkey salads and sandwiches for my last supper, all in all its been a good week for myself, I need to decide what to have for tea yet, I can not decide.

Iv had my morning moan lol, so I am going to get off here and do another workout and think what on earth to make.

Please enjoy your weekend and stay as safe as possible, chat soon xoxoxo

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