Beginning a new journey in my life.

Hi peeps, it’s been 3 months since I was last on here, I have thought about writing many times but somehow just never got round to it, and to be honest I just didn’t know what to write, everything was just the same as last time, my health has taken a nosedive and to add to that I now have a dodgy ticker, iv only exercised 3 times in the last 6 weeks its been to painful, even though I took it all the way back to the beginning and then trying to breathe well let’s not even go there.

‘Diet’ that illusive word that I don’t like, for now I have taken a break from calorie counting and eat when im hungry, Iv had to take some of the stress off myself, I eat good but no longer feel bad if we have a take away, although I no longer eat the same amount of takeaway as I once did before, I’m not saying i’ll never go back to calorie counting and weighing and measuring food, but for now it’s one less stress that I need.

One day while stuck in bed again!! I was flicking through Instagram and noticed there were quite a few Bbw’s on there promoting positivity and there own struggles with their weight, 99% of the feedback on the posts was positive from both male and female users, my thoughts were who is society to tell them that they can not show off their bodies, that they can not wear a bikini, that they must keep their tummies covered because they are bigger than society says we should be, no one knows why these people are ‘overweight’ and frankly is none of their business.

What I would like to make clear is that I do not agree with feeders, I really can’t get my head around them, why would you want to make yourself bigger and bigger, as I for one know the health problems that are associated with obesity.

So i took a deep breath and posed for my 1 st photo, made an instagram profile and hit post, yikes it was scary what would people say? would I be able to cope with the negativity? I have only had one negative comment and that person was blocked, it is best to just block the negativity and move on to the next comment.

So the 1st post went brilliant and so did the next and the next and the next, the confidence I have gained in these 3 months has been amazing, Im wearing bikinis on the beach, im wearing crop tops and shorts out to the shops (when the sun is shining) which I would never have done here at home, although I would on holiday….yep doesn’t make sense anymore lol

My follower count is just under 4K, although it would be much higher if I didn’t block at least 30+ people a day, the reason I block them is that some men think it is ok to demand that I send them nudes and they think it is ok to send lewd pictures to me, ok I may model underwear/lingerie but that does not mean that I want those types of messages, at first it was hard to deal with but now there’s no chat back just an instant block, this is made clear in my bio, I tag all the shops in the clothes that im wearing on my post, they all promote body confidence, ok sometimes i may pose in a riske way, but that does not give the people the right to demand from me.

My Instagram is a business account so that I have been able to set the viewing age to 18+, I think I have covered every aspect of keeping my site safe from young eyes, some may say that it should be a private account, but why should I keep it private? there is no nudity and I think that by setting it to private, defeats the object of me being able to promote body positivity it should not be hidden away, there are plenty of celebrities out there modeling bikinis and underwear whose pages are not private!! just saying…

So folks that is my news, slightly different from my previous posts, despite I don’t look any different I can honestly say with the support of my instagram followers I have grown into a much more confident person, its a shame they can’t throw my illness away lol.

I will be posting some of my pics below so if you are offended by seeing a large woman posing then please do not read any further, although that said they will be visible in my reader, so im guessing youre not even reading this post lol.

So I shall bid you all a good night and please enjoy the rest of your day xoxoxo

Thank you for reading xoxo

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