Weightloss tips: how to remove more fat and calories from your meat.

This one quick tip can cut extra fat and calories from your meat, so you can still enjoy your favourite meat just treat it slightly different.. Drain your meat after cooking, to reduce the fat and calories even further. You may notice a decrease in taste, as they say a lot of flavour is in…

Baked Basa Fillet Dinner Meal

177 Calories 11.9 g Carbs 2.7 g Fat 22.3 g Protein 110 gr Basa Fillet 40 gr Carrots 20 gr Egg Plant 20 gr Courgette 20 gr Green Beans 20 gr Sugar Snap Peas 65 gr Cauliflower 60 gr Chestnut Mushrooms 1.2 oz Sweet Onion 40 gr Spinach 6 Sprays Fry Light Coconut Oil Seasoning….