Beginning a new journey in my life.

Hi peeps, it’s been 3 months since I was last on here, I have thought about writing many times but somehow just never got round to it, and to be honest I just didn’t know what to write, everything was just the same as last time, my health has taken a nosedive and to add…

Diary Entry 23/02/21 Not a great month.

Hello World. Well its been a while since i have been here, infact a month ago since I wrote my last post. Its been quite a month, ups and downs, some bad some not so. My next door neighbor lost her husband to Covid-19 less than a week after coming out of hospital, he was…

Another new Monday. Love yourself first.

Good morning everyone. I hope your day is going as well as it can. I just wanted to start the new week with some self love and positivity for you all to think about.


What does life mean to you?


What does love mean to you?

Good Morning Sunday.

Good Morning Everyone. Wow another week of this almost year ended!, I feel as though Christmas was so far away. The mornings are lighter, the evening getting darker much later on, I feel as though in 2020 the dark nights arrived so fast, it was like boom and its here, but the good news is…

Free virtual hugs🧸for everyone.

Good Morning from a dreary damp grey uk. I’m sending virtual hugs to anyone who may need them. If you don’t want the hug pass it on to someone else, and spread some kindness, love and happiness. Have the best day that you can, and remember to smile..Someone somewhere is thinking of you. Xoxoxo. 💕

Which side of the bed?

As I sit on the edge of the bed I ponder. Which side of the bed should I get out of? 1 side will put me in a good mood for the day. The other side into a bad mood. How do i chose the correct side? When I don’t know which side is which..