Its Monday Again!! 15/02/21

Good Morning Monday.

We enter into yet another week, I know iv said it before but how darn quick is this year flying by, although some of us really hope it does fly along to get vaccine’s and some form of freedom back.

Yesterday I did a really good workout, but today that has to be even tougher as there were many episodes of chocolate eating, although nowhere near as I usually could of, im guessing the intermittent fasting really does help, possibly shrinking my stomach so that I don’t eat as much, this is going to need a bit of researching.

Tomorrow will mark 10 weeks of fasting and I’m so surprised that I have not cheated, on Olivia’s birthday we had an early breakfast so I just started my fasting 2 hours earlier that night, so as for the timing I have not broken the fasting hours.

I don’t think I have lost weight this week, but my figure is defiantly changing I can see that, except for my tummy which is still a bit swollen but that is normal for me.

Please go on to have the best week that you can, im off to do a workout, ill put up stats later for yesterday and today.

Stay safe and take care, chat soon xoxoxo

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