Diary entry week ending 20/02/21

Hello everyone, from a very wet and cold UK, oohh its so yukky outside, but im staying in and keeping warm with a nice cup of steaming hot chocolate, how is your day and your weather doing?, better than mine I hope, the sky is turning a rather dark stormy colour, hopefully we get a good lightening storm that would be great.

Once again I have lost Tuesday and Wednesday they just seem to disappear into the obis, maybe one day I will see them again lol.

The week hasn’t been to bad, but as usual not much has been done, but we will have things todo one day again.

My workouts have been getting harder, but that is suppose to happen right? lol, although I’m still doing the same amount of time, the intensity is so much more, I didn’t think that would happen by just holding and wearing a joycon but yep it certainly does.

I can see a difference between now and xmas, I think I will take the plunge next week and jump on the scales…eekkk… and there is definition appearing in my thighs, they are beginning to look and feel very toned, just like in yesteryear when I was a distance runner, oh those days are so far away, Il never get back to that level but I can always dream, as no one can take your dreams away.

Food has been good, I haven’t taken any pics as you’ve all seen them so many times before, tonight I’m just having a jacket potato with prawns, I use low-fat soft cheese instead of butter and low fat mayo and a touch of ketchup for the sauce.

Snacks have been the same, salads, meats, milk roll and rice cakes.

I must say how im looking forward to the weather changing for the better, so I can get out and have a walk along the river or the seafront, I would love to smell the fresh air and feel a gentle breeze on my face.

Saying that we popped out to the supermarket the other day, I stepped into the garden to judge the temperature and it was pleasant, so Just pooped on a t-shirt and jumper with my jeans, by the time we got to the main street only a few minutes walk away, it was blowing a gale and so so icy cold, I was frozen (Decided not to come home via the river), I managed to defrost a bit inside the store and when we came out the heavens had opened, I was absolutely soaked right through in the few minutes it took us to get home, so maybe I will wait again for a while before venturing out ha ha.

My tatties are now cooked so I shall bid you all a good evening, please take care of yourselves and keep smiling xoxoxo

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