BP rising again, Diary 02/02/21, Chat.

Good evening everyone, how are you all?

Hello friday, it’s been a bit warmer today about 9deg but it is due to drop again in the next few days, I don’t think it has rained but the sky kept changing from snowy grey to bright blue on and off all day.

Yesterday I didn’t do much, I dyed my roots I know no one’s going to see them but I was starting to get frustrated with them, a bit like now, I let Olivia do my nails seeing as she can’t work at the moment being in lockdown, but now I cant type, they are longer than I usually have them, with not going out I let her have free rein and now I can’t do anything lol.

At least she is leaving me alone today and has started a tattoo on her dads calf lol, rather him than me lol.

As iv mentioned before Iv been starting to feel odd and ill again, then during my workout I started to sweat and have chest pains so obviously stopped, it wasn’t until this evening I realised I haven’t done my BP this week and sure enough its on its way back up again, its not at the point where I need to ring the docs, so i will keep an eye on it over the weekend, and if it keeps rising i’ll give surgery a ring on Monday to leave a message for the nurse, they did say they would have try something else as the new one I got last Dec dropped my pressure to low, oh the fun and games.

I did try to do a workout but stopped at 22 mins, so Il check my BP in the morning before I do a workout if I feel okish.

Food this week hasn’t been great as iv just not really been hungary, im only eating because I have to, for tea tonight i had a mushroom and seafood omelette with light mozzarella cheese, it was not photo worthy at all, it went from being an omelette to a scrambled mess but did taste great with a bit of ketchup on the side, and i’ve really just been on turkey and cucumber sandwiches, tomorrow we are having an indian take away, as its olivia’s birthday on tuesday and the indian isnt open then.

Thank god for spell check, the amount of mistakes im making with these nails on is crazy ha ha.

What have you guys been upto?, Im looking for a new box set to start but cant find one that jumps out at me, at the moment we are watching twist, it a modern day remake based on Oliver Twist, its looking ok at the moment, and has a good british cast in it.

So folks that’s all my news for the week, nothing much to tell, but im sure you will be telling me to shut up again soon lol, I’m going to get my cup of oxo and head up to bed to finish watching the film, I am rather sleepy tonight.

Good night everyone, enjoy the rest of your day and keep smiling, till next time xoxoxo

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  1. Have you heard of Animal Kingdom? It’s got nothing to do with animals but it’s a great watch, once you start watching you can’t stop.


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