Lazy day 03/02/21

Good evening everyone hope you are all well?

No news today, nothing to chat about, Iv had a very lazy day, done nothing absolute zilch except make my tea, which im not posting as it was just a goto seafood tagliatelle

The weather has been awful, just rain and rain and more rain.

Although it’s not truly true that i’ve done nothing, I’ve been sat on my bed for the last couple of hours, trying to workout how to do floating buttons to put on one of my web pages, iv followed all the info, even used codes that I just need to put in my own username and non of them are working, I manage to link them to my page but when I click on them it just take me back to my home page and the external site that I need it to link to, so if anyone out there knows how to do it, please help…..I will be eternally grateful.

As I have nothing of any interest to say, I will bid you all a goodnight, and I may even tackle the codes to see if I can get the buttons on my page again before I fall asleep.

Good night everyone, enjoy the rest of your day and i will chat again soon, take care and remember to keep smiling, night night. xoxoxo

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