Good Workout, Good Day, Get Well Captain Moore. 31/01/21

Good evening everyone.

Another week has gone by and were at the end of the 1st month of the year already!!, it really has flown by, now all I ask is can I have some snow please to just feel under my feet in the back garden or some sun so I can sit outside with my morning coffee, it’s not a lot to ask really, although its at opposite ends of the weather spectrum lol.

I awoke again with a positive vibe, I really wish my body would let me know in advance what mood it’s going to be in, then at least I could plan ahead my days ha ha.

The good news is that my body said I could do a workout, every little helps while im able to do so, I had fewer rest breaks and I also found out you can change your difficulty level, so I popped it up one and worked out my longest yet, but that means if im not having an ok day I knock it down a few levels and just do a bit, so win win, I completed a total of 48 mins which overall took me roughly 3 hours to complete, and I did a few exercises sat down, like the overhead twists and thigh squats, so that really helps that im able to do that, below are today’s stats:.

I didn’t cook a full sunday roast today, I seasoned the chicken with garlic, herbs and lime juice and put the remaining piece of lime inside the body cavity of the chicken, and popped it in my halogen pot to cook away slowly, iv just really picked at the chicken all day, I was going to have a salad with it, but time passed away so I ended up having chicken sandwiches for tea, substituting the butter with low fat cream cheese, and snacking on coffee and apple rice cakes.

I have also put the 3rd layer onto my coasters that im making but can see where i’ve made mistakes, but that’s not a problem as there only for myself and it’s all a learning experience, im quite excited to demold them tomorrow.

On a sad note, I saw on the news that Captain Sir Tom Moore had been admitted to hospital with pneumonia and testing positive for Covid 19, for those of you not in England who do not know who Captain Sir Tom Moore is, i’ll leave a link to his wikipedia here, in short, last summer at the age of 99 years old, he wanted to walk 100 lengths of his garden to raise £1000 for NHS charities, by his 100th Birthday he had raised over £30 million pounds, he really is a remarkable amazing man, and I hope he goes on to recover from this and shares even more birthdays with his family.

In the evenings while crocheting my shawls, we have been binge watching Mr Mercedes, we are just about to start S3 tonight, it’s been quite good, it’s hard to find something now as I think the whole world has seen everything that is available at the moment, some new stuff needs bringing out soon, before we hit re runs for the umpteenth time lol, are you guys binge watching anything at the moment?

I shall bid you all an early goodnight, please take care, stay safe and above all smile someone out there somewhere is thinking of you!.. Night Night XOXOXO

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