Weird week again and a new hobby..

Good evening everyone, how are we all?

It’s been another weird week, what is going on? this is the 2nd week on the run when i’ve been up and down.

I did a brilliant work out on wednesday, my best yet I have to say, I felt alive and it’s been a long time since i’ve felt that, and by the evening I was so down in the dumps again, I dont think its linked to my illness because it’s a different feeling, so im going to put it down to hormones at the moment, I mean Mother Nature is not known to be nice lol, il just play it by ear and see how it goes.

Food this week hasn’t been great but it hasn’t been bad either, Iv only cooked myself a few times, let’s hope next week is better.

On a brighter note i decided to take up a new hobby not that i’ve got enough to keep me going at the moment, im having a go at Resin Art, it looked really easy on youtube, and in a way it is, but what no one said is that it is so messy haha, to say im sticky and sparkly is an understatement, there is glitter everywhere and everything I touch is sticky, although iv tried not to touch much somehow so much is so sticky haha, and the downside trying to clean the resin cups yuk that is a feat,but like with every new hobby it’s a learning experience, I’m quite pleased on how my 1st few pieces have turned out, although the pictures don’t show just how shiny they are and they still need top coating yet.

Iv loved experimenting with different colours, iv just got to learn to be a bit quicker at my pouring so they don’t all run into each other to fast, but im happy with how the coasters have turned out, I can’t wait to put the top coat on them and they are fully cured so I can begin using them, hopefully in about 2 days time.

I made some more today (below picture) and they are on the 2nd layer, when I followed it on youtube the presenter said they would be ready to put the 2nd layer on when the 1st was tacky in about 45 mins, I left them 2 hours but still some of the glitter mixed into the 2nd layer, so I think I will leave them a full day in future, looking at them now im not sure if i’ve done the layers in the correct order, my plan was to do a milk background but I guess I will find out tomorrow…

Tomorrow is another day, and my mood is starting to lift again, so back on the ringfit, il have my usual sunday roast, but i’ll be careful as iv not weighed myself yet this week…eekk…

Have any of you taken up new hobbies in the lockdown? if so please tell us about them.

I shall bid you all goodnight please enjoy the rest of your day and keep safe and keep smiling, till next time XOXOXO

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