Daily Food Diary 23/01/21

Hello you, yes You!, come on in I dont bit, well I don’t think I bite, im guessing time will tell…..lol… Good evening everyone wherever you are in this big wide world, how are you all. I’m a bit late tonight, I went back to sleep this afternoon and awoke at almost 7pm, I did…


What does wealth mean to you?

Workout stats and a little Motivation for you….

Come on in don’t be shy, I don’t bite, well umm I don’t think I do. Good afternoon everyone. I was surprised at the amount of workout I managed this morning, it was rather painful, and im not totally over this bug thing, but I continued till I physically couldn’t do anymore, but im very…

Hello Weekend, Im shattered!

Good Morning everyone. Oh what a night (and no I’m not singing it) lol, I really could not get to sleep at all, I was wide awake with all these thoughts running around inside my head, good thoughts and bad thoughts it was a hell of a night. At 4.45am I gave myself till 5am…


What does love mean to you?