23.59pm 31/12/2020… My last post this year xx

Hello my wonderful friends. So this brings us to the end of another year. Oh what a year it has been… as im sure you don’t need me to tell you. I lost 3 stone in weight and then during lockdown put on 5 stone eekk, i became frightened, angry, happy, depressed I think I…

Happy New Year

I hope 2021 brings more joy love and happiness to you all xoxoxo

Happy New Year

I hope 2021 brings more joy love and happiness to you all xoxoxo

Happy New Year

I hope 2021 brings more joy love and happiness to you all xoxoxo

Happy New Year.

I hope 2021 brings more joy love and happiness to you all xoxoxo

Happy New Year

I hope 2021 brings more joy love and happiness to you all xoxoxo

Happy New Year

I hope 2021 brings more joy love and happiness to you all xoxoxo

Happy New Year

I hope 2021 brings more joy love and happiness to you all xoxoxo

31/12/2020. Let me in the bed…

Good morning everyone. Its the end of the year already!!! it has flown by, and I hope next year is better for everyone and we will begin to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Today I awoke to being in Tier 4, which is technically a full lockdown for my area, to…

Hello Wednesday, Im feeling positive today

Good morning everyone. It’s a wonderful wednesday, well I certainly feel that it is, im in such a positive mood today despite having a rough night. My sides are definitely a bit sore today, that was a lot of twisting for me, when you have been quite still for a few months, but while I…

Feeling positive/Day 2 of Ringfit Adventures.

Hi everyone how are you all? I for one will be glad when all the party/junk food is out of the house as usual I brought extra just in case… whatever just in case is!!!. I must say I am proud that I have not over indulged as I usually would and that I have…

Monday 28/12/2020. Good Morning.

Good Morning everyone. Its the start of another new week, time to be positive again and begin another or continue whatever your journey through life is. I wish you all a good week ahead. Take Care, Stay Safe and keep smiling xoxoxo

Ringfit Adventure eekkk.

Hello peeps, how are you all?, I hope your having a good weekend. Yesterday I ordered the Nintendo switch ring fit adventure, I thought it was about time I updated from the Wii fit, and boy I’m going to enjoy it. I quite enjoy playing platform games so this one is right up my street….

Another one over

Good evening peeps I hope you had the best day that you could. Ours was very very quiet, we arose to open presents, then Neil headed back to bed while I made a start on the dinner. It’s been 13 years since I last made a Christmas dinner, Neil took over that job, it took…

Good morning 25/12/2020

Good morning peeps all around the world. I hope you go onto have a the best day that you can. It’s 7am and I’m doing my best to climb out from under the bed clothes, but it’s just way too cold brrr, I have the teddy bedding on and it’s so evil keeping me in…

A message from me to you xx

Just a quick one tonight to wish you all a Happy Christmas. I know, you’ve probably read it, seen it, heard it many a time today, but feel I needed to say it to you from me. In this Christmas 🎄 season of difference. It’s a difficult time for us all. Some of us maybe…

A fun week, naughty elves and now silence……

Hi peeps, hope you are all well. After a long week i have my house back lol, toys are put away vacuuming done, although im spotting glitter everywhere I look, I guess I can say my house is looking rather sparkly haha, and the elves have been rather naughty, from eating all the chocolates and…

Have a good day xx

Have a lovely day everyone. Il be back on as soon as the toddlers give me 5 mins lol. Hope your all well xoxoxo

I tried Intermittent fasting.

Hello peeps around the world, I hope you are all as well as can be. For the past week i have being doing intermittent fasting, I began the with the beginners program which is 14-10, so basically I eat for 10 hrs a day and fast for 14 hours a day, you can find the…

Good Afternoon

Hello peeps. I hope your day is going/gone well. Its now time to take 5 mins out for yourself. Take care everyone. Xoxoxo.

Good Morning 14/12/2020

Good morning everyone. I hope you have all had a good night or day. It’s the start of a new week, keep smiling and say hello to that stranger you pass and makes someone elses day. Stay safe and keep well, have a good monday.

A busy week ahead….I will be back soon.

Good evening peeps hope your week has gone well? The last few days have been rather busy, docs visits and making the house child proof (i.e. removing all visible breakable ornaments out of the way), christmas junk food shopping all the things that are only allowed at christmas at nanna and grandad’s house, well what…

Weight loss again…Yay…9/12/2020

Good evening everyone. How are all you peeps? It’s been a rather quiet afternoon, as usual exhausted from my trip out this morning, I had no energy to cook this evening so shared some Chinese food, as much as i loved it, it unfortunately did not like me, I’ve been in agony all evening, I…

I’m irresistible to food….😂Goodnight 8/12/2020

Good evening everyone, I hope you’ve had a good day. I managed to dye my hair but that was it, it tired me out so much, then I had to deal with sitting in the shower to wash it all out, by this point I was exhausted. I think I’ve forgotten the days of dying…

Morning Chit Chat? Good Vibrations!!!

Good Morning peeps. Goodness im a bit late today the day is almost over lol, I think i have had at least a good 6 hours sleep, which is great for me. So guys and gals do you have any plans for the day?, I do but as you know my plans never go to…

Good Morning. 7th December 2020

Good morning friends from all around the world. Today I wish you love and happiness, keep warm and safe and have a good day xoxoxo

Feeling a bit strange. Crochet.

Good evening everyone, I hope your all as well as can be. Wow so some parts of the UK were blessed with snow yesterday, it was lovely to see my grandson being aware of what snow is this year, he was having so much fun making and throwing snowballs lol. It was lovely to see…

Good Morning. 4/12/2020

Hello everyone on this cold chilly morning. I hope you go on to have a lovely warm and safe day xoxoxo

General chit chat about nothing in particular really….

Good evening everyone. Brrr it’s definitely getting a bit cooler no rephrase that it’s getting bloody freezing…..☃ ❄ I‘m on day 5 or is that 6? iv no idea I think i may have icicles in my brain, that with the rest of the spaghetti motorway in there… iv just been informed it’s Tuesday I…

Kalo Mina. Good Morning. The Countdown Begins.

Good morning my wonderful peeps. Today begins the countdown to a very different type of Christmas, some of us will be alone, and unable to meet up with family and friends, some of us on our own for the 1st time. I think we can agree that this year has been rather difficult and very…