Morning Chit Chat? Good Vibrations!!!

Good Morning peeps.

Goodness im a bit late today the day is almost over lol, I think i have had at least a good 6 hours sleep, which is great for me.

So guys and gals do you have any plans for the day?, I do but as you know my plans never go to plan haha.

I need to dye my roots im so torn between staying grey and going back to brown, the only problem with staying grey is that its only my fringe that grows with grey and black streaks, nowhere else is growing grey….. a bit odd…but hey that’s me..odd, well I was born in odstock hospital maybe that has something to do with it ha ha ha.

The freezer could do with defrosting and sorting out, im sure theres some odd bits at the bottom of the shelves that could do with being looked at and either binned or used.

Iv a little bit of christmas wrapping that still needs doing but I may leave that until tomorrow when I go to the shop after the doctors incase I find any more stocking fillers….I haven’t had a call from the docs in regards to my blood tests so im guessing there all fine, which is good, I still feel as though my BP is high so it will be a pleasant surprise if it has come down tomorrow fingers crossed.

Today im feeling a bit like my old self, im giggly inside and raring to go, but I know from past experiences don’t go mad and lay yourself up again, everything in moderation and into bed in the afternoon…

The house is starting to look like santa’s grotto, I think I need to hit the sales in the new year, as I would love some really big decorations, we don’t seem to have them in the shops here, I’d love to do my house like you see in the movies with the ott decs that would be amazing, so I’m going to have a look online in the new year and see what I can find, it may be that I will need to shop on the US sites as they know how to do Christmas…

The house is vibrating and yep im being serious, there is guttering work and other stuff happening in the flats next to my house, with are seperated with an arch way which leads into there carpark and when the council are out trimming the hedges or using other machinery, our walls feel as though they being smashed in its awful, it is so loud and i can feel the vibrations through my feet its awful, I wonder if I prop myself up against the living room wall the vibrations will help me tone me up like those vibrating belts that used to be the craze. ha ha …

Just how im feeling at the moment lol..Image from google

I shall close for now this dye is not going to magically appear on my head or the freezer clean itself, and I think i need to move about a bit, as the vibrations are playing havoc with my head its a weird feeling my brain feels like its bouncing around lol, probably just because im sat here, anyway enough rambling and I shall speak to you later.

Have a great rest of your day whatever you are doing, wherever you are, smile and be happy and as safe as safe can be xoxoxo

If you would like to check back when im having a funny day ( I do have them sometimes lol ) hit the star✨ button to like and don’t forget to press the➡ follow button, see you soon xoxoxo

image from google

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