Another one over

Good evening peeps

I hope you had the best day that you could.

Ours was very very quiet, we arose to open presents, then Neil headed back to bed while I made a start on the dinner.

It’s been 13 years since I last made a Christmas dinner, Neil took over that job, it took me a while there was a lot of sitting down and wincing but I got there.

We decided to do it easy, and not set up the table with just the 3 of us.

Olivia headed up to bed for a while it seems this cold is certainly going to do the rounds.

It was a relaxing day and the 1st time we have never laid the table or got dressed, and even ate dinner on our laps, but you know what, it was so stress free, with 2 in bed it gave me more time to spend with my date Mario!!!

Ohh a date I hear you say ha ha, well I haven’t seen him or played with him in about 15 or so years, and this morning Olivia handed me my present of a Nintendo switch with super Mario bros, so iv had a lovely peaceful day getting re aquatinted with my old pal lol.

So just a couple of mins of Christmas 2020 left, certainty 1 we will not forget whether for good or bad reasons.

So peeps I will bid you all a good night and for the final time this year merry Christmas dear friends.

Image from Google.

Stay safe stay well Goodnight xoxoxo

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