I tried Intermittent fasting.

Hello peeps around the world, I hope you are all as well as can be.

For the past week i have being doing intermittent fasting, I began the with the beginners program which is 14-10, so basically I eat for 10 hrs a day and fast for 14 hours a day, you can find the free app here that I have been using which is free to download from the Google Play Store.

I downloaded a few apps to my phone and used them all together, and the above one is the one that I liked best, it was easy to follow but what I liked best was how it told me what was happening to my body during the fasting period, with 2 hour time slots it explains the changes that your body is going through at that particular time during the fasting, you can also pick your own hours to suit your lifestyle.

I choose to begin fasting at 9pm and it ends at 11am the following day, the reason for choosing this time frame is that I rarely eat first thing in the morning so it was best choice for me.

Although they say you can eat what you want during your eating period, I haven’t done this and have continued to eat within my calorie allowance as I have quite a lot of weight to lose, there is still a lot of reading to do on fasting so I wont be saying you need to do this you need to do that as I still don’t fully understand all the rules!! if that is what you call them.

I have my last food between 8 and 9pm and am very shocked as how well I have done, I have not cheated once which is a miracle for me lol.

I have found it very easy to do and really didn’t think I would make it through a night nevermind a week, I’m a big time night snacker, mainly due to boredom, but honestly I have not wanted food once and I think I owe a big part of it to the app, as i mentioned above it takes you through your stages and im able to read up on why I am feeling like I am and by the time I have read it and maybe googled the bigger words haha my mind is off food, I have not felt hungry just food bored.

I have now began my 2nd week iv chose to stay with the beginner program and am just repeating what I did last week, it will be interesting to see if it has aided my weightloss next week.

Below is an image from last weeks fasting, seeing it in black and white has given me an enormous boost.

I accidently ended the 1st day fasting which is the pic that shows longest fast hours 14, as I didnt know how to use the app, but I do now lol, and know how to set it a week at a time…

Enjoy your day peeps chat soon xoxoxo.

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