Hello Weekend, Im shattered!

Good Morning everyone.

Oh what a night (and no I’m not singing it) lol, I really could not get to sleep at all, I was wide awake with all these thoughts running around inside my head, good thoughts and bad thoughts it was a hell of a night.

At 4.45am I gave myself till 5am and if I wasn’t asleep I would come down and do a workout or clean out the kitchen cupboards! I mean who lies in bed thinking Il go clean out the cupboards lol.

I must have fell asleep as I awoke at 9.45am , opening the curtains I prayed for snow as forecast we haven’t had any for a few years, but no I was greeted with sunshine and white icy roof tops.

Depending how my body feels, I may do a workout, iv a few days of exercise to catch up on, but if it shouts at me I will at least do some stretching, and who knows I may even clean out those cupboards haha.

Please have an enjoyable day, stay safe, keep well and smile, chat to you all soon xoxoxo

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