A tiring but productive day. 01/02/21

Hello everyone, Kalo Mina, welcome to the new month and the beginning of a brand new week. Today has got off to a really good start, I actually managed to get back to sleep this morning, and awoke just after 9am which is pretty good for me. I split my workout into 2 sections, as…

Good Workout, Good Day, Get Well Captain Moore. 31/01/21

Good evening everyone. Another week has gone by and were at the end of the 1st month of the year already!!, it really has flown by, now all I ask is can I have some snow please to just feel under my feet in the back garden or some sun so I can sit outside…

What happens in our house while im working out!!!…lol…

Good evening everyone, oh hello you, newcomer, welcome. This morning I paused for a second to look around the living room, Olivia is on one sofa in a deep trance watching and laughing at Tiktok videos on her phone, I glanced behind me to see Neil on the other sofa also in a deep trance…

Another new Monday. Love yourself first.

Good morning everyone. I hope your day is going as well as it can. I just wanted to start the new week with some self love and positivity for you all to think about.


What does life mean to you?


What does wealth mean to you?


What does love mean to you?


What does respect mean to you?

Food entry 18/01/21. Positive Thoughts.

Good evening to everyone around the world. I hope you have had a good day. It’s been a pretty good day today, despite being quite sore, the workout was painful and my stats are available in my previous post. Food: For lunch I had a bowl of watermelon and coconut yogurt, with 2 slices of…

Today’s fitness stats and motivation

Good afternoon to everyone around the world. It’s still cold and yucky here, although blue skies and clouds are trying to peep through, I hope your day has been as good as it possibly can. I started to begin my workout this morning but the pain was horrendous I gave up after 2 mins and…

Good Morning World. Diary Entry

Good morning wherever you are in the world. Yesterday was a bit hit and miss with the weather, we had a couple of fantasic storms followed by just a few minutes of very heavy rain. I went back to bed in the afternoon, and woke up so grumpy, no idea why, but I ended up…

Good Morning.

Good morning everyone, I’m hopefully still in bed when this schedules, but I just wanted to wish you a day filled with happiness and smiles and laughter, have a great day and Il chat late xoxoxo

Positive New Week Quote.

It’s the start of another week. Another chance to fight the demons inside my body. I always jump back up, just sometimes its a little harder than the previous times, but I will keep going.

A Virtual Hug For You

Good morning my friends, please have the best day you can, I would love to give hugs in person at this time, but as that is not safe or practical at the moment here is a virtual hug for YOU, also pass it on to anyone you know who needs a hug xoxoxo Stay safe…

Diary Update Recipes by Email

Good morning everyone, wow we are in March already… where has the time gone? Happy March and hope you are having an awesome Sunday. Important things 1st, I have decided to try sending out my recipes by EMail, so if you see anything you like you can just send me a message on here or…

Good night.

Hello everyone how was your day? I hope those of you who began a new challenge today have fulfilled your wishes and it all went smoothly. If today was not your day, the please remember there’s always tomorrow, so never give up hope. xoxoxo

Sunday Morning Quote

Good Morning my friends. I hope you have slept well and if not i wish you a restful day, for those of you ending your day i hope it was good and if not tomorrow is better xxx