Diary Update Recipes by Email

Good morning everyone, wow we are in March already… where has the time gone? Happy March and hope you are having an awesome Sunday.

Important things 1st, I have decided to try sending out my recipes by EMail, so if you see anything you like you can just send me a message on here or EMail me @ takebackcontrolofyourkitchen@outlook.com with the subject line being the recipe you would like, I will put all recipe names under the pictures.

I’m hoping this is going to be an easier way for you, that way you can print them out if you need to instead of looking at your phone or pc every few mins and having to scroll up and down, let me know what you think of the idea.

Now onto this past week, I think it has gone well so far, still coughing but nowhere near as much as before, food has been pretty good, Iv had a few slip ups but nothing major that im going to cry about.

I ventured out the other day but boy was it cold, I studied the sea and trees from my bedroom window and they both looked really calm, so thought ok now or never as more bad weather was due soon, but as soon as we hit the town centre here came the biting wind, it tired me out quite a bit but it was lovely to blow away a few cobwebs, and it was a great feeling to be able to look around a couple of shops.

Iv spent my days mainly crocheting, the 2nd blanket is almost finished just a few more flowers to make and sew on, that’s the part I really hate, I just don’t like hand sewing i find it so tedious and boring.

Iv been looking at my exercise bike sat here in the front room and thinking I really need to get on it but also these flowers need making and coming up with an idea I hung a a carrier bag on one of the handles and popped in my yarn, so there I was sat peddling away while crocheting a flower lol, dont think il be able to do anything bigger for fear of the yarn or even myself getting caught in the peddles, I can just see it now, me in a heap on the floor tangled in yarn with the bike on myself haha.

Plans for the day… yep I know my plans never go to plan. 🤣

Dye my roots, finnish off the flowers and get them sewn on, possibly send Neil shopping although I’m not sure if I need anything, I would love to go out myself but looking at the trees blowing I dont think its a good idea even though the sun is shining, the sky is blue it’s to darn windy for me to attempt to go out.

Write up the recepies for you so they are ready to send out, and do something with the leftover veggies from yesterday, when I cooked last night’s tea there didn’t seem to be enough vegetables but there was, so I only ended up having half of them, I will make this adjustment to the recipe when I type them up later.

Weight Loss: There is a definite loss I can feel it in my clothes, although I haven’t weighed myself yet, I did put on another stone that I had lost, but there’s no one to blame for that except myself, things happened and I turned back to food again, I’m not hitting myself over that, just means I need to work a bit harder to remove it again, will circumstances hinder me again? I don’t know, as mentioned in a previous blog, I know somethings that can hinder me and I know how to handle them now, but then there’s other circumstances that iv not yet learnt to deal with, but changing your lifestyle is all about learning, learning about yourself and finding your place in your life.

So I have just noticed the time almost 12pm goodness time has moved fast this morning half of the day is almost over, so I had better get off here and start working on my daily plans haha,

Wherever you are whatever you are doing smile xoxoxo

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