Today’s fitness stats and motivation

Good afternoon to everyone around the world.

It’s still cold and yucky here, although blue skies and clouds are trying to peep through, I hope your day has been as good as it possibly can.

I started to begin my workout this morning but the pain was horrendous I gave up after 2 mins and sent Neil out to buy me a back support to see if it would help.

I sat for an hour in the back support then tried again, it didn’t support me but generated enough heat to keep the area warm and slightly less painful, hence I gave up much earlier than I had wanted to, but it’s just not worth making my illness worse and being laid up for weeks again, iv only just come out of a 4 month flare and don’t want to have one that long for a while again.

I have prepped tea and for once its not in a creamy sauce lol, Il pop that on later, and just for a bit of motivation on this blue monday here’s a little something I found on the internet.

I shall bid you goodbye for now, chat soon people, keep well and as safe as possible xoxoxo

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