Its Monday Again!! 15/02/21

Good Morning Monday. We enter into yet another week, I know iv said it before but how darn quick is this year flying by, although some of us really hope it does fly along to get vaccine’s and some form of freedom back. Yesterday I did a really good workout, but today that has to…

A tiring but productive day. 01/02/21

Hello everyone, Kalo Mina, welcome to the new month and the beginning of a brand new week. Today has got off to a really good start, I actually managed to get back to sleep this morning, and awoke just after 9am which is pretty good for me. I split my workout into 2 sections, as…

Good Workout, Good Day, Get Well Captain Moore. 31/01/21

Good evening everyone. Another week has gone by and were at the end of the 1st month of the year already!!, it really has flown by, now all I ask is can I have some snow please to just feel under my feet in the back garden or some sun so I can sit outside…

Another new Monday. Love yourself first.

Good morning everyone. I hope your day is going as well as it can. I just wanted to start the new week with some self love and positivity for you all to think about.


What does wealth mean to you?

Workout stats and a little Motivation for you….

Come on in don’t be shy, I don’t bite, well umm I don’t think I do. Good afternoon everyone. I was surprised at the amount of workout I managed this morning, it was rather painful, and im not totally over this bug thing, but I continued till I physically couldn’t do anymore, but im very…


What does love mean to you?


What does respect mean to you?

Today’s fitness stats and motivation

Good afternoon to everyone around the world. It’s still cold and yucky here, although blue skies and clouds are trying to peep through, I hope your day has been as good as it possibly can. I started to begin my workout this morning but the pain was horrendous I gave up after 2 mins and…

Good Morning Monday.

Good Morning everyone. Goodness iv had a really good sleep, a solid 6.5hrs then I dozed off again for another 2hrs, unfortunately I don’t wake up refreshed like most people but I am glad that iv slept so much it means my body really needed it. But at least I have the energy to do…

Hello Wednesday, Im feeling positive today

Good morning everyone. It’s a wonderful wednesday, well I certainly feel that it is, im in such a positive mood today despite having a rough night. My sides are definitely a bit sore today, that was a lot of twisting for me, when you have been quite still for a few months, but while I…

Positive New Week Quote.

It’s the start of another week. Another chance to fight the demons inside my body. I always jump back up, just sometimes its a little harder than the previous times, but I will keep going.

Good Morning

For many of us, today will not be a good morning, some of us will be battling this awful virus, some of us will have lost loved ones to it, some of us will be nursing our loved ones or be separated from them, but at this moment in time while you are reading this…

Good night.

Hello everyone how was your day? I hope those of you who began a new challenge today have fulfilled your wishes and it all went smoothly. If today was not your day, the please remember there’s always tomorrow, so never give up hope. xoxoxo

Good Afternoon

I hope your day is going well and for those of you whom have began a new venture today your halfway through your 1st day, you can do it, you are great, you’ve got this, and then you can settle down later with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Tuesday Morning Quote

Good morning peeps I hope this finds you well rested and if not i pray you find the strength to carry on through the day xoxo

Cycling into outer space while blogging….

Good afternoon everyone how has the start of the week been for you so far? I think I slept better last night, in between coughing and peeing myself, do you men have the same problem when coughing or sneezing? At least I now know how babies feel being restricted in a nappy…jeez it’s unpleasant… I…

Sunday Chill

Good morning friends. Have a wonderful and chilled Sunday. Relax and spend time with family or friends. Catch up on that book you have been to busy to read. Have a duvet day. But most of all be happy and be happy to be alive, tomorrow is a new day. Xoxoxo. Image from Google.

Keep Going

Good Afternoon my friends, whatever your venture is keep going YOU CAN DO IT xxx

Sunday Morning Quote

Good Morning my friends. I hope you have slept well and if not i wish you a restful day, for those of you ending your day i hope it was good and if not tomorrow is better xxx

Good Day. Diary and Macros

I got back in the kitchen for a little bit today, and prepped a small breakfast, lunch and dinner, still not upto eating big meals yet though, feeling very happy about that. Finally feeling a bit more normal today, still very congested though im not sure if nose is saying sniff or blow lol, temperature…

Keep Going.

Whatever journey you are on, keep going, as the quote says do not give up, just have a rest and then continue, remember you are capable of more than you think, look in the mirror and smile you are worth it xx Image from google

New exercise equipment has arrived…

Good morning peeps I hope you are well? What a yucky day it is out there, the wind and rain is just awful, I had planned on a small outing to the shop but think I will definitely give that a miss, the weather man says its in for the day, now I wonder if…

Happy Saturday

Good Morning peeps. Whether you are just rising or your day is ending believe in yourself, you are capable of more than you think. Image from Google

Tuesday Motivation

Good morning peeps I hope you had a restful night, for those who didn’t I pray your day will get better x

Monday Motivation

Good morning peeps I hope you had a restful night, for those who didn’t I pray your day will get better x

Sunday Motivation

Good morning peeps I hope you had a restful night, for those who didn’t I pray your day will get better x

Saturday motivation

Good morning peeps I hope you had a restful night, for those who didn’t I pray your day will get better x

Friday Motivation

Good morning peeps I hope you had a good night’s rest and if you didn’t I pray you can have a good day x

A true fact and a few motivational quotes for you.

Good evening my peeps hope you’ve all had a terrific start to the year xx FACT:.. Did you know that today has been recorded as the hottest day of the decade… 😂 Sorry I couldn’t resist. I know some people like to make resolutions at this time of the year, so whatever journey you are…

Quick update, lunch and feeling good.

All went well at the docs on Monday, im now back on the HRT after a 6 year break, Im a little wary about being back on due to family medical history and my liver problems, but my LFTs have been good for a while, Im no longer diabetic or even pre diabetic!!, my blood…

I’m back…

Well it’s been quite a few weeks since I was last on here, but I’m back for a while (keep fingers crossed). The last couple of months have been bloody hard work, not being able to do much, not being able to spend time in the kitchen, not being able to create new foods let…


Only you and you alone can make the decision to change your life, that choice is yours and yours alone. Read the quote and say it over and over again for how ever long it takes you to to believe in yourself. Take control now and be true to yourself… not to others to yourself…

Progress Pics Weeks 8-10

I was starting to feel a bit disheartened this week as the scales were barley moving, but yet i could feel my clothes getting looser, being a larger than life lady, my staple wardrobe items consist of pyjamas leggings and tee shirts, you know the practical comfy options!!!. Time to dig out the sensible clothes,…

New Week New Beginning

What a lovely day it has been today, the sun put in an appearance a bit different to Saturday where we played dodge the rain drops and hail stones. On Saturday it wasn’t supposed to rain till the afternoon so early morning we thought we would have a toddle to the supermarket via the river…

Monday Motivation

Happy Monday everyone, I hope you all have a great week, for those of you wanting to begin a lifestyle change Do it Today why put it off till tomorrow? Our greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall…. Your lifestyle is your choice only you can make the…

Progress Pics, being brave.

Although i’m on week 8 this is my progress picture from week 7. I started at 124kg on 27/02/19. On 24/04/19 I weighed in at 112.6kg Down 11.8kg / 26lbs

Good Morning, Grandkids, Depression, Happiness, Sadness and Cancer.

Happy Friday everyone, it’s seems that the depression i have been feeling over the last couple of weeks is beginning to lift. I have definitely been to hard on myself, I couldn’t get excited when my nurse weighed me on Wednesday even though I have lost a massive 26lbs/11.8kgs..since I began my journey.  I felt…

New Blog Site.

Just a quick note, to say this is a new blog site, after fighting with the old one it was just easier to create a new one. There is a lot to be done to the page, it is looking as though my import from my old site has not brought the photographs with it,…

Easter Food. Junk Food or a Guilty Pleasure?

The Easter weekend is now over, Phew.. not something I used to say though, Easter would continue over the next few weeks with lots of creamy chocolate eggs to eat whenever I liked and soft moist cakes decorated with mini chocolate eggs, sugar flowers and chicks oh so yummy and gooey, that lovely leg of…

Aides to help you begin your lifestyle journey.

This i would say is the hardest and most time consuming part of beginning your lifestyle change, Having to weigh and calculate your food and inputting data. ( don’t worry there is an app that will do your calculations for you) – (see below). Learning about portion control in my opinion is a must, please…

Fruity Salad.. Summer in a Bowl!!!(free recipe)

Serves 1. Calories 74. Carbs 14.5 grams. Fat 0.1 grams. Protein 3.4 grams. What is nicer than lounging on a garden chair with a good book and a bowl of summer delight, with the warm sun gently on your skin. This colourful bowl is brimming with sweetness and juicy fruit and can be whipped up…

Where do I start?

CONGRATULATIONS On deciding to change your lifestyle, and looking forward to a NEW YOU with so many health benefits. All lifestyle plans can come with some side effects, so please read the list below: POSSIBLE SIDE-EFFECTS: Weight-loss. More Energy. More self Loving of Yourself. Lower Blood Pressure. Reversal of Type II Diabetes or better Management….