Progress Pics Weeks 8-10

I was starting to feel a bit disheartened this week as the scales were barley moving, but yet i could feel my clothes getting looser, being a larger than life lady, my staple wardrobe items consist of pyjamas leggings and tee shirts, you know the practical comfy options!!!.

Time to dig out the sensible clothes, you know the ones we buy but they stay in the wardrobe, because one day we will get to wear them or in my case fit in them….leggings and tee shirts can hide a multitude of sins…

So the dresses I brought for holiday last year which obviously i didn’t wear as i couldn’t get my jelly belly or my wobbly rear end into, just hung in the wardrobe, its Christmas i need a dress for Christmas day. Yeah right who am i kidding, i still couldn’t get in them, but now… iv lost a few kilos surely i can get into them now…

With trepidation i opened the wardrobe took out the dresses and grabbed the one that looked the most biggest, who am i kidding there all big they are all a size uk28…

OMG.. They fit!!! OHHH They really don’t fit, there too big not just one of them but all of them, woohoooooooo…, I am so glad i don’t ever throw my clothes away, like i said one day i will shrink into them, but oh bugger, which of the many bags has smaller clothes in? (note to self-sort them out in to size order), I found some eventually after going down and down in size…

I can fit into the size 20 what the hell, gulp.. I have dropped 4 clothes sizes in 9 weeks, yes just 9 weeks, i would never have thought that possible but i’v only gone and done it.. GO MEEEEEE.

Closing thought…. If the scales don’t seem to be moving or moving slowly try those smaller clothes on, you know the ones you have hiding in the back of your wardrobe or like me in a bag marked one day i will shrink into them….Just because the scales are not moving it doesn’t mean your not shrinking.. I still have a jelly belly and wobbly rear, but i guess one day that will be more on a meringue than a jelly….. Go on surprise yourself, Let me know if you have surprised yourself..

Have a good week.

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  1. jmarie1974 says:

    Amazing!!! well done đŸ™‚


    1. Thankyou very much


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