Week 8-10

Happy weekend everyone, well where has the week gone? It has just flown in.

It’s a lovely Sunday morning, so thought I would take my coffee into the garden and write to you lovely people out here, just pray the seagulls don’t poop on my head, though I do believe it’s suppose to be good luck though I can’t remember when iv had good luck and iv been pooped on a few times in the garden lol.

Leading upto week 9-10 I had plans to create lots of new recipes, umm that didn’t happen, you would think at my age I’d know better and not make plans, but its my fault plans didn’t go ahead.

We’ve needed a new shed for years, so sat in the garden on Tuesday looking at it, I says to him in doors, let’s put all our junk from the shed into neighbours shed and knock ours down and order a new one.

Well his little face just lit up like Blackpool illuminations… He’s only been asking for one for about 10yrs time to let him have a treat I think….

Thinking… What the hell was I thinking… I definitely didn’t think this through before I put my mouth into gear.. Well obviously we needed to remove our junk and put it in next doors shed, and obviously our shed will need dismantling… What was I thinking? I wasn’t bloody thinking again!!..

8 hours later the shed is dismantled, ( it was over 40 years old, can you imagine how many repairs it’s had.. how many nails, bolts and layers of felt on the roof..).. great fantastic it’s now lying in pieces around the garden… Now it needs tipping along with much of its contents.. We are paying for someone to tip that lot, no way in hell am I doing it, don’t get me wrong about 10yrs ago I could have had it sorted in no time, but my body just won’t let me anymore, roll forward a couple of days and we have a lovely clean garden and space for the new shed… That my friends is another story…. .. gulp…

It’s been a beautiful week here, the odd raindrop and roll of thunder but on the whole a good week..

Recipes … Iv done a few and will put them on here later, I’m going to look and see if I can find a way to list the recipes in the menu, so you don’t have to search through all my ramblings,. I’m still very new to this site and finding my way around it.

I had the pleasure of meeting Skye this week and she came to stay for a couple of days with her new owner my brother in law, what a well behaved loving little thing she is, tho the cats were not very happy they started to warm to her as she was leaving, we are not sure about her past, she was sometimes quite timid but oh so loveable, skye is going to be so spoilt, lol, she is already kitted out in pink!! Skye had a full checkup at the vets and has been to the parlor for a wash and blow dry, these 2 are going to be so loved up, and she will do him the world of good give him a purpose to get out and about, and company for my brother in law after the death of my sister.

Plans for the day… Go and buy some carrot’s, write up and post my new recipes, begin repotting the veggies, they seem to be doing well it’s only the Cucumbers that have so far failed, let’s hope I don’t bugger them up, I am definitely not green fingered.

I will catch you all up later today with more from my amazing week. TTFN..

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