Cycling into outer space while blogging….

Good afternoon everyone how has the start of the week been for you so far?

I think I slept better last night, in between coughing and peeing myself, do you men have the same problem when coughing or sneezing? At least I now know how babies feel being restricted in a nappy…jeez it’s unpleasant…

I decided to venture out this morning (in need of more better thicker stronger pads) lol.

It didn’t look cold or icy or windy out, but boy it was baltic the breeze was like being slapped in the face with a frozen fish..

I brought some ingredients to make burgers for this evening tea, that’s now in the fridge and il make them tomorrow, I was quite tired when I got back so just had scrambled egg whites and popped a pan of soup on to cook for my tea and rested for a few hours.

Iv prepped a tub of fruit and Yogurt to snack on this evening, and thought I should jump on this exercise bike and say hi to you lovely peeps.

The bike has been gathering dust here in the living room since it arrived and in my defense i’ve been to ill to use it, so I’m sat there with a glass of iced water just looking at it and trying to get up the motivation to step on it and I thought, why not pop on the TV, grab my phone and blog, it’s certainly making it a lot easier and not so boring as to be cycling into space with boredom, I’m not cycling fast but at least I’m moving and I’m not going to look at the clock as I’m sure it will demotivate me lol.

Ok I gave in an looked at the clock i’ve been cycling into outer space for 14.24 minutes, WOW, the time really did fly in, I haven’t seen anything of the program I popped on and I guess it took me that long to write this as I kept banging my hand with my knee and had to delete words loads of times ha ha.

So I cycled for 15.30 minutes and gave up, not just because Im sweating buckets, but im also wary about doing to much too soon, but jeez my ass is killing me, and there’s a lot of my ass to try and squeeze onto that little pointed piece of rubber they call a bike seat, im going to have to think about padding my posterior somehow haha.

Ok my heart rate is now slowing down so I had better go and clean up some of the mess i’ve made in the kitchen so that olivia can get in and cook for her and her dad, she’s making chili for them, but i spent some time reading up on iron rich foods while I was resting, with me being quite sluggish I thought maybe a bit more of an iron boost will help, well infact i try anything that will give me a boost ha ha.

When I get around to writing up my soup recipe later I will put in as much nutrition advice as I can on it, so for now I will leave you and chat to you later xoxoxo

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