Food Dairy 12/01/20

Good evening friends. What a strange day it has been, I could have sworn it was saturday, I was convinced of it, its was a bit disorentating, I even had to double check the calendar and date on a couple of devices, what a weird feeling it was, is this a sign of old age?…

Breakfast / Snack Pots.

Today i decided to brighten up my yogurt and fruit that I always have for breakfast, I wanted to make it a bit more ‘interesting’ and colourful and make it look much more exciting to eat. So i’ve spent a couple of hours in the kitchen playing around out of the 4 I made there…

Keep Going

Good Afternoon my friends, whatever your venture is keep going YOU CAN DO IT xxx

Sunday Morning Quote

Good Morning my friends. I hope you have slept well and if not i wish you a restful day, for those of you ending your day i hope it was good and if not tomorrow is better xxx