Good Night Saturday.

I hope you have all had a good day, and that you believe in yourself, you need to believe in yourself and love yourself first, rest well my lovely peeps. xoxo

Good Day. Diary and Macros

I got back in the kitchen for a little bit today, and prepped a small breakfast, lunch and dinner, still not upto eating big meals yet though, feeling very happy about that. Finally feeling a bit more normal today, still very congested though im not sure if nose is saying sniff or blow lol, temperature…

Keep Going.

Whatever journey you are on, keep going, as the quote says do not give up, just have a rest and then continue, remember you are capable of more than you think, look in the mirror and smile you are worth it xx Image from google

New exercise equipment has arrived…

Good morning peeps I hope you are well? What a yucky day it is out there, the wind and rain is just awful, I had planned on a small outing to the shop but think I will definitely give that a miss, the weather man says its in for the day, now I wonder if…

Happy Saturday

Good Morning peeps. Whether you are just rising or your day is ending believe in yourself, you are capable of more than you think. Image from Google