I’m back…

Well it’s been quite a few weeks since I was last on here, but I’m back for a while (keep fingers crossed).

The last couple of months have been bloody hard work, not being able to do much, not being able to spend time in the kitchen, not being able to create new foods let alone even think about counting calories or weighing out food or even attempting to work out.

All those little things we take for granted like washing, eating, going shopping have been horrendous.

I began comming out of a flare a couple of weeks before my holiday, yay I thought I can enjoy it and I did for the first 10 days, but then it was hey here we go again so the final few days we stayed around the hotel pool, I didn’t venture very far from the hotel at all, I did not have the energy to move, yeah I had my wheelchair with me so could have gone further but even just sat in the wheelchair is unbelievablely tiring and when your in pain you feel every single bump and boy does that hurt….

Don’t get me wrong I had a wonderful time , great company, amazing food, fantastic weather and an awesome storm which was pretty amazing to watch. Fantastic beach bars to visit although one in particular iv not been able to get to as much as I would have liked made it a couple of times but the trip there would totally exhaust me getting back, meeting old friends and making new friends, it feels really weird writing about Zante as I should be getting ready to leave to go there now, but we had to change to 6 weeks earlier but that’s a whole other story.

(can I just say it’s not even 9am and already iv tripped over my big feet smacking my knackered knee on the toilet, dropped a whole cup of boiling coffee and broke an egg). Something is telling me I should stay in bed today lol 😂.

So I’m finally back from my holibobs and gosh I feel like crap, the easiest way to describe it, is it’s like having a bad case of the flu which lasts on average for 6weeks. It’s easier to tell people that I have a cold than try and describe what I’m feeling, but getting stronger everyday, I will always have a battle on my hands, my body will win then I will win again, always going to be a visious cycle of weak Vs strength but that’s ok iv come to accept the circle. been feeling stronger for the past few days and enjoyed my afternoon in the kitchen, I came up with a recipe for Plum Chutney and a Plum Bake with very low calories per serving, we went plum picking and came back with a few more than we thought, so I guess I need to create some more recipes… 😂

So this was just a umm short note !!!! To let you know I’m still alive lol and when I go missing for a few weeks that’s just because I’m to unwell to do anything.

See you soon X

Windmill Studios hotel Argassi Zakynthos

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