Weight Loss. R.I.P. Captain Sir Tom Moore.

Good evening world, how are you all? Boy im shattered, yesterday tired me out, so I only did a small workout which I found quite difficult, I only did 24 mins and 1 second, now then, that 1 second counts haha, I really had to force myself into it, and consequently Iv spent the rest…

Good Workout, Good Day, Get Well Captain Moore. 31/01/21

Good evening everyone. Another week has gone by and were at the end of the 1st month of the year already!!, it really has flown by, now all I ask is can I have some snow please to just feel under my feet in the back garden or some sun so I can sit outside…

Workout stats and a little Motivation for you….

Come on in don’t be shy, I don’t bite, well umm I don’t think I do. Good afternoon everyone. I was surprised at the amount of workout I managed this morning, it was rather painful, and im not totally over this bug thing, but I continued till I physically couldn’t do anymore, but im very…

Today’s fitness stats and motivation

Good afternoon to everyone around the world. It’s still cold and yucky here, although blue skies and clouds are trying to peep through, I hope your day has been as good as it possibly can. I started to begin my workout this morning but the pain was horrendous I gave up after 2 mins and…

Good Morning Monday.

Good Morning everyone. Goodness iv had a really good sleep, a solid 6.5hrs then I dozed off again for another 2hrs, unfortunately I don’t wake up refreshed like most people but I am glad that iv slept so much it means my body really needed it. But at least I have the energy to do…

Weight Loss. Goodmorning.

Good morning from a very wet and miserable day in the UK. Im feeling rather positive this morning as iv now lost 6kg, that’s almost a stone in weight, and im very proud of myself for doing it again!. It has given me a little boost to go and do another workout this morning while…

Thoughtful Tuesday.

Good morning everyone. Have the best day you possibly can and keep smiling xoxoxo

A Terrific Tuesday? I will let you know……..

Good Morning my wonderful peeps. It’s a beautiful looking morning outside looking through the bedroom window, plenty of sunshine glistening on the icy roofs, it’s hard to believe that it is winter out there and so so cold, its looks simply magical. Things to do that I may get done 🤔 Do a work out…..

Creamy Seafood Medley Recipe. With Tik Tok video…

Good evening my friends. How are you all doing? Well folks im back cooking again, but goodness I have forgotten so much, especially portion sizes, so the following recipe im going to post here for you is ample for 2 people!!!, we couldn’t finish it, I served it to each and even Neil with his…

23.59pm 31/12/2020… My last post this year xx

Hello my wonderful friends. So this brings us to the end of another year. Oh what a year it has been… as im sure you don’t need me to tell you. I lost 3 stone in weight and then during lockdown put on 5 stone eekk, i became frightened, angry, happy, depressed I think I…

Hello Wednesday, Im feeling positive today

Good morning everyone. It’s a wonderful wednesday, well I certainly feel that it is, im in such a positive mood today despite having a rough night. My sides are definitely a bit sore today, that was a lot of twisting for me, when you have been quite still for a few months, but while I…

Feeling positive/Day 2 of Ringfit Adventures.

Hi everyone how are you all? I for one will be glad when all the party/junk food is out of the house as usual I brought extra just in case… whatever just in case is!!!. I must say I am proud that I have not over indulged as I usually would and that I have…

Monday 28/12/2020. Good Morning.

Good Morning everyone. Its the start of another new week, time to be positive again and begin another or continue whatever your journey through life is. I wish you all a good week ahead. Take Care, Stay Safe and keep smiling xoxoxo

Good Morning Saturday.

Good morning everyone and welcome to the weekend. Do you have any plans for the weekend? I have a bit of clothes washing that needs doing and a bit of housework, nothing to much. I do have an abundance of tomatoes that need using, I have a few big ones that I brought back from…

Happy Sunday Morning.

Have a wonderful day, please stay safe, stay well and stay happy, smile you are loved xoxoxo

Positive New Week Quote.

It’s the start of another week. Another chance to fight the demons inside my body. I always jump back up, just sometimes its a little harder than the previous times, but I will keep going.

Good Morning Quote

We are all in this together and together we can get through it xoxoxo

Good night.

Hello everyone how was your day? I hope those of you who began a new challenge today have fulfilled your wishes and it all went smoothly. If today was not your day, the please remember there’s always tomorrow, so never give up hope. xoxoxo

Good Afternoon

I hope your day is going well and for those of you whom have began a new venture today your halfway through your 1st day, you can do it, you are great, you’ve got this, and then you can settle down later with a great feeling of accomplishment.

Tuesday Morning Quote

Good morning peeps I hope this finds you well rested and if not i pray you find the strength to carry on through the day xoxo

Keep Going

Good Afternoon my friends, whatever your venture is keep going YOU CAN DO IT xxx

Keep Going.

Whatever journey you are on, keep going, as the quote says do not give up, just have a rest and then continue, remember you are capable of more than you think, look in the mirror and smile you are worth it xx Image from google

Lessons learnt?. Motivation, Welcome 2020.

Good morning peeps. Well that’s another year over, I won’t say I’m glad to see its over, because for me 2019 has been full of lessons for myself, and I will not draw this post out into a marathon lol. What a journey this past year has been full of joys and woes,. I have…