Lessons learnt?. Motivation, Welcome 2020.

Good morning peeps.

Well that’s another year over, I won’t say I’m glad to see its over, because for me 2019 has been full of lessons for myself, and I will not draw this post out into a marathon lol.

What a journey this past year has been full of joys and woes,.

I have lost weight, gained weight lost it somewhere again (I purposely left it in the woods) ๐Ÿ˜€ but during December it slowly or should I be honest and say quickly entered my life again, seriously though I do keep trying to lose this darn weight, but it just keeps finding me again…

I don’t do resolutions, I find there very much like plans, and my plans we’ll they never go to plan..

Although I will do my best to go down to the beach ๐Ÿ–  soon, dig a big hole ๐Ÿ•ณ and bury my excess weight and pray it can’t dig its way back out.

When I began my weight loss journey I was so scared that I couldn’t do it! But after my 1st initial loss I quickly became excited, I was about to get my life back, be free from pain, I have been told and learnt that, that will not happen, I think i have come to accept it now, have some normality in my life ( what is normality?) and run a marathon OK maybe not a marathon that’s pushing it a bit far but at least run to the toilet preferably before I pee myself…

The hospital had set me a target of a 6kg loss in 3 months… How the blinking heck am I going to do that? I was screeching over and over again, totally beside myself but guess what I did it I only went and lost 20 kgs before my next appointment I was so over the moon and proud of myself but that was to be short lived, the hospital were not impressed at all, in fact they said I was obsessing over food and sent me to see a psychiatrist, in fact that is where it all began to go downhill, and its took me several months to get over it, At the moment I’m strong enough to tell them next week just how much there attitude and words did not help me.

Anyway I’m going off again and said I wouldn’t drag this post out, but yep that’s me just twittering on and on ๐Ÿ˜€

Back to the original post idea.

Lessons learnt?:

Don’t let others discourage you (I have been met with many negative comments). Its took me almost 5 months to get over them, don’t let that be YOU.

Don’t be to hard on yourself, so what if you had a biscuit or 2 and a slice of cake it’s not the end of the world.

Believe in yourself, do what is right for YOU no one else, it’s YOUR life not theirs.

Whatever your plans are for the year do them because YOU want to.

Well I could go on forever, (your all saying no just shut up ha ha) I’m in a totally rambling, chit chatting mood but I have 2 poorly, snotty, grotty grandbabies that need washing and dressing.

Wherever you are whatever your doing look in the mirror and smile at yourself becouse your worth it.. XOXO


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