Goals? Thoughts.

Happy christmas eve’s eve.

Well the festive season is upon us once more by the end of the week it will all be over for another year, wow seriously where has this year gone? its as tho i have blinked and wosh it is all over.

Did I reach the goals that i had set myself? No… am i sad about it? No… life is life and sometimes life gets in the way for various reasons, will i achieve my goals next year? i really don’t know but i will be here to tell you about it this time next year.

When i embarked on this lifestyle change i had imagined being svelte and sexy and totally happy with my body, what i didnt envisage was all the hiccups along the way, being ill i really expected that losing weight and eating healthy would cure me of all my ailments, that i would be running around, feeling amazing and back to working 24/7, nope that didn’t happen, but im not upset by it, infact i now know that in 2020 i will no what to expect, i will know how to deal with these hiccups, i will know what to expect and how to deal with the downfalls of living with a chronic illness, i am under no illusion now that i am not going to be the woman i used to be, instead i am going to be a new different me, who will be happy with what life has thrown at her, don’t get me wrong i will still feel sad every now and then, well we can’t always be happy all the time, but next year i will no the pitfalls and be able to deal with them, if i have learnt anything on my journey this year is that i have to be patient with myself, that i know there is no miracle cure, and i will not be unhappy and hard on myself if im having a major flare and all i want when i wake up is a cheese toasty, I know that i am not going to be slim overnight but i will get there, it will just take me a little longer than most people.

Basically what i am trying to say is, Dont be hard on yourself, believe in yourself, how ever many times you have to start over. We only have 1 life and lets take it day by day, if it doesn’t work today don’t do the same thing tomorrow try something new.

I would like to end this week on a festive high, I will not be making any of my low calorie sides that i had planned on doing as i really am not well enough to make them, im still out of the kitchen, but not to worry i’ve always got next christmas to do them and a whole year to improve on them ha ha.

I would like to wish you all a merry christmas and to health and happiness with all your loved ones and friends, for those of us who have an empty seat at the table this year, just go outside and look at the stars they are watching you, if your alone this christmas whether by choice or not, you are loved by someone and im one of those loving you .

Wherever you are, whatever your doing smile xoxo

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