A tiring but productive day. 01/02/21

Hello everyone, Kalo Mina, welcome to the new month and the beginning of a brand new week. Today has got off to a really good start, I actually managed to get back to sleep this morning, and awoke just after 9am which is pretty good for me. I split my workout into 2 sections, as…

Another new Monday. Love yourself first.

Good morning everyone. I hope your day is going as well as it can. I just wanted to start the new week with some self love and positivity for you all to think about.

A week of Fear, Anger & Reflections. Diary 24/01/21

Hi there come on in. Good evening everyone hope this finds you all well. This last week has been quite a week of fear and anger and reflections. Fear: that I may have caught covid, despite me taking every available precaution that I have and not going out unless it’s absolutely necessary usually only to…


What does life mean to you?


What does wealth mean to you?


What does love mean to you?


What does respect mean to you?

Food entry 18/01/21. Positive Thoughts.

Good evening to everyone around the world. I hope you have had a good day. It’s been a pretty good day today, despite being quite sore, the workout was painful and my stats are available in my previous post. Food: For lunch I had a bowl of watermelon and coconut yogurt, with 2 slices of…

Good Morning Monday.

Good Morning everyone. Goodness iv had a really good sleep, a solid 6.5hrs then I dozed off again for another 2hrs, unfortunately I don’t wake up refreshed like most people but I am glad that iv slept so much it means my body really needed it. But at least I have the energy to do…

Good Morning Sunday.

Good Morning Everyone. Wow another week of this almost year ended!, I feel as though Christmas was so far away. The mornings are lighter, the evening getting darker much later on, I feel as though in 2020 the dark nights arrived so fast, it was like boom and its here, but the good news is…

Thoughtful Tuesday.

Good morning everyone. Have the best day you possibly can and keep smiling xoxoxo

Happy New Year

I hope 2021 brings more joy love and happiness to you all xoxoxo

Happy Wednesday World.

It’s hump day! the middle of the week, I hope the week has been good to you so far, and that you can go onto to have a wonderful rest of the week, enjoy your day wherever you are, whatever your doing xoxoxo.

Thankful Thursday, Good Morning Everyone

Good Morning to everyone around the world, I wish you a thankful and thoughtful thursday, it’s almost the end of the week, not far to go now, I hope your week has been good so far, enjoy your day in whatever you are doing. xoxoxo

Positive New Week Quote.

It’s the start of another week. Another chance to fight the demons inside my body. I always jump back up, just sometimes its a little harder than the previous times, but I will keep going.

A gorgeous day and lovely fresh fish and courgette chips.

Good evening world. I hope this finds you all good and as well as well can be. I’m starting to feel much better I just need to get strong enough again to get back on the bike I can honestly say I have missed being on it, and the fact that i’ve only worn my…

Which side of the bed?

As I sit on the edge of the bed I ponder. Which side of the bed should I get out of? 1 side will put me in a good mood for the day. The other side into a bad mood. How do i chose the correct side? When I don’t know which side is which..

What should I do?

This is so hard… The rain is pounding down onto my head… I can not think straight… What should I do?… I’m going to dance in the rain…


They say we need Willpower… What is Willpower?… Where is Willpower?… How do I use Willpower?…

How I See Myself. I Need To…

How people see me, and how I really look How I see me when I don’t look in a mirror… I need to own up to reality… I need to take back control of my food… I need to believe in myself… Images from Google.

Goals? Thoughts.

Happy christmas eve’s eve. Well the festive season is upon us once more by the end of the week it will all be over for another year, wow seriously where has this year gone? its as tho i have blinked and wosh it is all over. Did I reach the goals that i had set…