What happens in our house while im working out!!!…lol…

Good evening everyone, oh hello you, newcomer, welcome. This morning I paused for a second to look around the living room, Olivia is on one sofa in a deep trance watching and laughing at Tiktok videos on her phone, I glanced behind me to see Neil on the other sofa also in a deep trance…

Good Morning 14/12/2020

Good morning everyone. I hope you have all had a good night or day. It’s the start of a new week, keep smiling and say hello to that stranger you pass and makes someone elses day. Stay safe and keep well, have a good monday.

Tuesday Morning Quote

Good morning peeps I hope this finds you well rested and if not i pray you find the strength to carry on through the day xoxo

Hello Monday.

Good morning my fellow peeps. The weather is looking a tad better out there, I can see the sky through the thick clouds, although we are forecast wintry showers for later in the day, I would love it if we got some snow, I absolutely love the snow, although I can not longer go out…

Happy Monday Afternoon.

It’s now the afternoon and your possibly starting to wain, here’s a little sparkle to get you through those last few hours. whatever your doing wherever you are smile XOXO