I weigh WHAT!!!!

I guess a time comes when we all have to sit up and take notice, for me it was when the nurse told me what i weighed, and that my blood pressure was high and my blood sugars had now put me as a typeII diabetic!!! geez how much more can my body take before it packs in completely?.

What the hell how did i get that big? I eat healthily, I only have the occasional treat!, no I can not exercise it hurts to much, I know, its my pain meds, weight gain is a side effect after all, so absolutely NOT my fault at all is it??

Well YES it is my fault, I love fruit I love salad as much as I love cakes and chocolate, so when i was going on a health kick i would eat so much healthy food, but still put on weight, how? I know to eat foods less than 5% fat per 100 grams but still i got heavier and heavier, why? why? why?.

I went to see a dietitian, i found it very embarrassing and degrading i was right i know what i eat and i know its healthy, the tears flowed there was no way anyone was going to believe what i shoved in my mouth the healthy food that i ate in abundance and still got fatter. Ok so i skipped on the treats told a few lies, i guess i was in denial, nope i definitely was in denial, i was embarrassed, embarrassed because it meant opening up and being true to myself.

After the tears stopped we had a really good chat in fact i think i may have been over my allotted time, I did have a good idea on healthy food and i was eating correct at times the problem was Portion Control, i was eating way to much healthy food that it was having the opposite effect on me!!!!.

Coming away from the meeting i was so much more positive, more positive than i had been in years, I stood in the doorway to my kitchen and said Ok its time to Take Back Control Of My Kitchen.

I looked at the microwave and said to it, its time for you to go on a long holiday, I spoke to the dustbin and told it, that it was not having anymore take away cartons it was getting as fat as me, next i went to the fridge opened it and told it your getting a treat tomorrow your having a whole new wardrobe.

That night i went to bed with a whole new mindset and determination and very big smile.

Join me next time to hear how the first 4 weeks went… and i will be sharing a low calorie low fat recipe with you.

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