Good Night my Friends & Thank you

We may only put a like on each others blog. We may never comment on each others blogs just read them. We may talk on each others blog. We will probably never meet. But I just want to say THANK YOU for taking the time to look at my blog and Goodnight please sleep well….

Good Afternoon

I hope your day has gone well so far, please enjoy the rest of it xoxoxo


Keep going with whatever life throws at you, YOU are STRONG, YOU are BRAVE, you’ve got this….xoxoxo

I’ll Never Run Again but I Can Cycle into Outer Space

Good morning peeps. After a rough night i’ve built up the motivation to get on the exercise bike, I did say I would try again today, although I’m puffing and panting I’m going to keep going on for as long as I can. At 6.30am I threw the washing down the stairs by the time…