A pleasant weekend. General Chit Chat.

Good Morning.

Welcome to a brand new week, I hope the week for you will be full of good things.

The sun is glorious again today, yesterday was so lovely, the heat has returned for a while, so Sunday was a washing day, it was nice to see the clothes drying on the line in the sunshine, how do we make so much washing, seeing as we’ve been stuck in the house for a while lol, ok I had better correct that before I get in trouble from Neil lol, how much washing do Olivia and I make ha ha.

The boat came in again yesterday evening, so we popped down for some more langoustines to have for tea, straight from the sea to the plate, you can’t get more fresher than that, I was tagged in a photograph on facebook from a guy who was down on the dock taking pics of the boats and the wonderful way in which we can now buy our fresh fish, so iv cropped it out and here is a rare photograph of me haha, goodness my roots are showing again lol, going out was a bit easier than it was last time as I knew what to expect, but saying that I guess iv alway known what to expect really, it’s just what frame of mind you are in on the day.

The only downside is that I had to share to my prawns 3 ways instead of 2 now that was horrifying haha 🤣.

Neil is in the white T shirt and my brother in law Jim is the yellow T shirt, they are both watching another boat landing, while I’m thinking I need my prawns….lol..

Jim decided that we would be his bubble support so arrived yesterday morning to stay with us for a while, with his little dog Skye, which is good as he has been stuck in his little house on his own since lockdown began.

The babies are now squeaking, I took a few pics the other day but having to zoom in on them they are quite blurry, I sat on my bedroom watching them chasing mum around the roof last night, they are so funny I will get eventually get some decent pics.

Walking home from the dock last night, we passed one of the statues call a fishy tale it was great to see at least one of them was wearing a mask. 🤣

Weekend Food I haven’t overeaten but I haven’t eaten ‘proper’ healthy food, on saturday we had picky food, ribs, chicken wings, chicken strips and oven chips, I had a tub of breyers caramel but that is fine as its ‘healthier’ ice-cream, and of course plenty of watermelon, the one we got was rather large and seeing as no one else is tucking im its left to me.

Sunday, was busyish so for lunch I had a cheese sandwich and 2 very thin skinless sausages, for tea, well the wonderful prawns I cooked them in a little!!! white wine, light philadelphia and had a slice of bread and butter to mop up the leftover sauce so yummy.

Exercise I haven’t any done physical, ie workouts or cycling, but I have done house work including accidently spraying bleach on my new pj’s that i haven’t worn yet, in which i frantically rushed to bath rinsing them, also totally steaming out the kitchen cupboard there was condensation everywhere, just dripping on us that was a funny moment, and had a short walk, so that counts for some exercise.

The weekend has been quite pleasant and I suppose I should get off here and get dressed, just waiting on a couple of parcels, then I’m going to be brave and head to the shops I think, there shouldn’t be more people than normal as we only have a couple of shops and they’ve been open all through lockdown, just worried about the people who still dont social distance.

Have a wonderful day peeps and il chat soon xoxoxox

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