Catchup, Holiday Countdown, General Chat, Weight Gain

Good evening everyone around the world.

I hope you’re all keeping well?

All our visitors have gone home, we now have the house to ourselves and boy am I shattered with a capitol S….😴

This time next week hopefully I’m lying next to a pool in Zakynthos Greece, im quite looking forward to doing nothing for 3 weeks, but don’t I already do nothing lol.

Cases are packed and ready to go, 3rd time lucky I hope….

Greece, Ionian Islands, Zante, Argassi town at dusk   (Image from google) My view this time next week, total heaven.                                                                                                                                           

I have a spanakopita in the oven cooking and a bucket of popcorn next to me so im feeling rather happy….. as for watching my waistline….well that ran out of the window… down the road….over the bridge…..round the corner….and dove straight into the sea from a very high rock and swam far far away…on the 1st day of lockdown.

Although I did get a postcard from the Falkland Islands saying it will return in September as its a bit to chilly out there for it at the moment and the penguins are annoying her.

It is rather evident from my clothes that I have gained quite a lot of weight back, if im honest I would say im probably back to or very close to where I first started on this journey, but you know what? I’m not sad or unhappy about it, it’s just a hiccup and I’v done it before and i’ll do it again.

Personally and well I probably speak for a lot of people, were nearly at the end of the year, then we can wipe this year away and begin 2021 on a more positive upbeat note, while many have faced horrendous times others have embraced this lockdown, I for one found out a lot about myself, about my mental health that I really didn’t think was such a problem, but it definitely was, this year has given me new challenges to deal with but I think im getting to a place where soon I will be able to deal with things….again…

Iv been out now a few times in my new wheelchair and am starting to get the hang of it, I crash less often now haha, although I have yet to venture out alone, I will one day when I feel confident enough to do so.

Next week is going to be fun, I’m not very good at going in a straight line and I have to drive it up the ramp onto the train, the worst that can happen is that I fall of it but this roly poly body of mine is way to big to roly poly under the train at least, so wish me luck peeps.

Nearly had a heart attack while writing this I got an email pop up with regards to my upcoming holiday, it said important announcement, I’m like no no not again, upon opening the dreaded email it was just an update on safety phewwwww……

I’m glad you guys cant see me, Im looking a bit like a monkey , 🐵 my arms and legs have grown there woolly jumpers, and as for my hair its probably the longest iv ever had it, hopefully Olivia will wake up earlish tomorrow and cut my hair so I can do my roots, and wax off this woolly jumper I have grown.

I know iv been quiet lately but life has been busy these past couple of months, but I can guarantee you are all going to be sick of me when I go on holiday, im just going to bombard you with wonderful photographs, my plan is to totally document every part of it, but you know me, my plans never work out haha.

Ok peeps have a wonderful rest of your day, I’m going to have a bite to eat and then put my feet up in front of the tv im totally exhausted, please take care everyone and stay as safe as you can xoxoxo

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